Korean Markets

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday evening:) I hope you had a restful weekend. We visited 2 Korean markets this weekend and tried raw marinated crabs for the first time. I always enjoy watching Korean Mukbangs and Raw marinated crabs is so popular based on the videos I’ve seen. So after church, we stopped by our local Korean market and Hubs got some raw marinated crabs. We both liked it, and we will definitely get it next time. They didn’t have the soy marinated ones.

Yesterday, we visited a new park for us. It’s around Bellevue, nice trails and decent playground! The kids really liked it. After the park, we decided to visit another Korean market called H-mart! We rarely visit this market because the parking is too tight and the store itself is not that big. They do have a decent seafood and meat selections. We got Bulgogi and kimchi Gimbap, we loved the kimchi one.

Our Korean goodies

After church we got Bagels from Blazing Bagels (Issaquah). It’s pricey but worth it to us!

We enjoyed Korean for dinner earlier. I can finally say I’ve tasted raw crabs and relate to some of the Mukbangs I watched!HA

Have a great night Friends! A wonderful and safe week for all of us:) Take Care!

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