Stay at Home!

Hello Friends How are you all coping with this pandemic? Looks like things are starting to open up in some parts of the US and thats a good thing. I’m not sure if things will be back to normal like before. Hubs is the only one really going out for us like getting the groceries and necessary errands.

We are still on the “Stay at home” order from our governor! He just extended it last I heard. Who knows when we’ll have a “normal” life in this pandemic.

We’ve been watching movies, KDramas for me and Hubs (HA! all over Netflix right now), reading/coloring with Mia and if it’s sunny outside she’s doing a lot of biking and scooter. She’s getting so good at it. Matthew is doing well too! Such a happy baby:)

Reading time and Riley wants to hear the stories too!
Yummy dinner when my sis and BIL visited us last month!
Family time with my SIS and BIL!
Matthews 7 Months cake!
Hello Spring!
Fondue time!
Bubbles in the yard!
Flowers from Hubs to celebrate 12 years of Marriage!
Fave food during quarantine!
Walking around the neighborhood!
Easter Brunch!
Easter basket!
Easter activity!
My big girl!

Stay safe friends!