Memorial Weekend!

Hi friends! Belated memorial day to all!  Thankful for all the men and women (and their families) in this country who sacrificed everything for our freedom! We had a simple celebration at home. We grilled some burgers (they were so good!) and had all the fixins. The hubs got a lot of yard cleaning done during this weekend and then we got to enjoy some time out on the patio. He also prepared the majority of our food, I don’t even remember what I was doing! HA! I helped a little:) Anyways, I’m so looking forward to summer night dinners at home now that our picnic table is out and yard is cleaned and  pressure washed! Mia loves being in the yard too. She’s our little gardener like her Grandma! Have a great weekend friends:)

Nap time before memorial weekend chaos starts!
Rhododendron going crazy in the front yard!
pressure washing the yard with our little helper!
Hubs made deviled eggs!
Hubs made guacamole
Preparing the burger!

Hubs made the fruit salad!
Hubs about to enjoy his dinner! Thanks Ga for all your memorial weekend cleaning! You sure deserve that burger! HA
Park Time!

Farmers Market and Life

Hi Friends! How are you all?  It’s been a while since I posted, not much going on here! Aside from watching my In laws dog (they’re already back from their vacation!), going to parks during nice days (we’ve had a couple of sunny days), our local farmers market officially opened, and we started our garden (the slugs are already eating some of our veggies!UGH!)..Life is good! We “failed” our WHOLE30! HA! Day 21 during Mother’s day, I ate rice with my ahi poke! My mothers day gift to myself! So we basically lasted 3 weeks of the journey! Between me and the Hubs we lost 14lbs! Hubby is still going strong though! We still plan to eat whole foods, plus will probably “tweek” things around like adding creamer to my coffee, and treats every now and then!

Farmers Market goodies

so fresh!

so worth it!goodbye whole30!haha
Mothers Day flowers from Hubs!

She’s so happy whenever she’s in the yard!
Gifts from grandparents!
cupcakes to celebrate Grandma’s bday!

Off to do some gardening right now, I still have some annuals to plan! Have a great weekend friends!