Yanagi Sushi

Hello friends! We’re having a relaxing Saturday at home right now. Hubs and I are watching Man in the High Castle on Amazon right now. He is loving this series. I thought I would continue posting about our Hawaii trip. We checked Yanagi Sushi one night and enjoyed their sushi. It’s a popular place among locals and tourists! They also have other food aside from sushi (I ordered a combo meal type, sushi and grilled kalbi ribs). We loved their misoyaki butterfish! Melt in your mouth goodness. The hubs ordered some weird sushi and end up not liking it (fresh Abalone)!HA

We spent the day at one of the lagoons in the Ko Olina area. I can’t remember what lagoon we stayed at but I loved it because the water was calm (no waves) and seemed perfect for little toddlers like Mia to be in.


Hi friends! I love this place:) After a long day of doing touristy things at Spitting Cave and swimming at Waikiki beach, Ichiriki was the perfect place to end the day. I’ve never been to a hot pot type of place, even though I’ve seen this type of resto around the Seattle area. I’m so glad my sis and bro In-law suggested this place because I really enjoyed this type of dining. Casual and relaxed and good food! Delicious and filling:) I highly recommend going to Ichiriki if ever you’re in Honolulu ( we went to the Ala Moana restaurant).

attempting to watch the sunset at Waikiki
Waikiki Beach

Spitting Cave

Side Street Inn

Hello friends! Our first dinner with our Hawaiian family, they suggested this place for a reason. I loved the ambiance (despite that it was really crowded) and the family style eating. No wonder this place is a fave of the locals. We ordered their famous kimchi fried rice and it didn’t disappoint! Our (my hubs and I) favorite was their kalbi short ribs, so much flavor and oh so tender! I could have it every week! YUM! Their famous pork chops were very tasty too. I’m getting hungry right now just thing about the food we had in this resto. We plan to come back here if ever we’ll be in Honolulu again. The night ended with our family and my sisters friends giving Mia her bday gifts. We so appreciate their generosity.

Thanks Auntie Trish for my unicorn -Mia
Mia’s bday gifts from family and friends!

Back From Our Vacay!

Hello Friends! We just got back from our 12 day Hawaiian Vacation! Nothing beats a tropical vacation with family. Pure Paradise! This was Mia’s 2nd birthday celebration, we skipped a children’s party this year. We had a little brunch celebration with my In-laws the day before we left though . She got lots of birthday gifts from our Hawaii family too. Thanks to our families for their generosity. I’m so proud of my MiaBoo for being a good girl on our 6 hour flight (Seattle to Honolulu). A couple of passengers on the flight mentioned it too. Way to go Boo:)

Thanks to our Hawaii family, especially my Sis and Bro In-law for taking the time to be with us. Lots of beach time and food tripping! I will surely post more of it in the coming days. For now, I hope you enjoy some of the pics that Hubs took! He got a new phone so he’s been playing with his new gadget. Off to do some laundry folks! HA! Have a great weekend:)

Thank you Boo for being a good traveler!
Hello Sunshine!
Lunch at Shirokiya Japan Village walk!
Thanks Uncle Chad for this dessert!

Gotta have Giovannis!

Turtle Beach!

The best shaved ice in HI!
Dinner at Side street with our Hawaii Family!

Give me all the Poke! Fresh Catch has the best Poke selection.
Halona Blowhole!

Hawaiian Sunset! 

With the whole gang! Dinner at Roy’s Hawaii (last night before everybody leaves)