Fruit Picking at Grandmas!

Hi Friends! Last Sunday we visited and had lunch at Grandma Jean’s (Hub’s Grandma) house. We had a great time spending our afternoon with her. My In laws were also there so Mia got to see all of them. I like her spacious yard because she has lots of fruit trees like Apples and plums.  She also grows blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. She told us to get as much as we wanted, so of course we obliged! The green apples are not that big,so we’ll probably just juice them.  If my hubs is up for it, he might bake some sort of apple tart! He’s the baker in the family:)  Love spending time with family.


4 Generations: Great grandma Jean, Grandma Kathy, Daddy Zach and Baby Mia!


Hello everyone! It’s been hot this week in the PNW and we’ve been really enjoying doing fun activities outside. We did a picnic at the newly renovated Bellevue park (such a great park), and enjoyed our local park too! Our tomatoes and purple hydrangeas are in full bloom! I like summer weather (I grew up in the sunny Philippines) but to be honest I’m kinda ready for FALL! Fall=cooler weather= hot chocolate! HA!

fave summer drink:watermelon lemonade