Snow Day!

Hello Friends! We’ve had a couple of snow days here in our region and we finally got outside and played with the kids! I haven’t been out since Christmas Eve because of the weather/snow. I think we got 10 inches of snow so far. I’m sure others had more. Matthew didn’t like it at all! He was whining and just a miserable child on the sled. Mia loved every second. Just the opposite:(

We still had some fresh seafood we got for Christmas so we ended up cooking them all and have a little seafood feast!

Hubs enjoying king crab leg!

The New year is almost here friends! I did a little clean up around the house today. I have lots of things to donate but with the snow, the roads are not the safest right now, my donations can wait till next week. Looks like it’s snowing again right now. More snow days for us!

Take care friends!

Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends! It’s the day after Christmas and I hope you had a great time with family and friends or even alone. We had a wonderful time with family at home (white Christmas for us as it snowed Christmas morning!). Lots of yummy food, opening gifts and family time celebrating Jesus birthday! Happy Birthday Jesus and thank you for coming and saving us:)

Merry Christmas from our family!

Christmas eve we had Chinese food and played the scoop money game we’ve seen online. I’m still laughing thinking of that game, Hubs was a mess playing that game. I cannot remember how many times I’ve watched the video of him playing.

preparing for the game
Santa (Hubs) got things ready for Christmas morning

Christmas morning!

Christmas snacks
Roast pork belly
my dinner plate! Crabs, roast pork, roast brussels sprouts
Auntie and Uncle visiting to spend Christmas afternoon with us
Dessert prepared by Aunt Candy!The bread pudding is to die for:)
Cuddle time after such a fun and busy day!

Have a wonderful and safe week friends!

Christmas Break

It’s officially Christmas Break for Hubs and Mia here, we’ve been doing all the coziness that we wanted to do. Lots of holiday movies, popcorn and hot cocoa, eating cookies and treats! The kids wanted to go biking/scooter when it’s not raining, and they were able to once or twice. We are forecasted to have some snow Christmas day! Mia is loving the Little House books series by Laura Ingells Wilder. We read every day and watched some episodes already.

Christmas is almost here! We are ready to celebrate Jesus birthday!#lessstress

Stay safe friends!

my current read
tree still looks amazing!not dry at all

We did some shopping at the Filipino store and got some Jollibee (filipino version of Mcdonalds). Kids love their spaghetti.

family walk
cookies and treats
nap time

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! How’s it going? It was a quiet weekend on our part. Mostly stayed home (because it rained a lot!) and Hubs bakes some bread and I cooked most of the time:) We did drive around our neighborhood and watched Christmas lights then visited Mia’s school because they had Christmas lights/decorations and live performances of the nativity! We stopped by at my In law’s house after because the kids wanted to see their Christmas decors:) With Christmas just around the corner, I’m really trying to be intentional with our time and focus on things that matters (Jesus, family, home).

One of our neighbors decors!

Nativity at Mia’s school!

Take out night!

Finally hung our stockings!

Hubs made us savory crepes! Gruyere cheese and ham:) YUM

I cooked Beef mechado (filipino dish) and Pancit! Lots of leftovers for this weeks lunches.

Sister prepared creme brulee for us!

Hubs baked Pandesal (filipino rolls)

We watched lots of movies this weekend too! (Rich Crazy Asian, Lord of the rings, Hallmark movies). Sis made us yummy drinks to go with our popcorn!HA

Take Care and Stay Safe!

Christmas tree!

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday:) This past weekend, we finally put up our fresh Christmas tree. Hubs and I thought that this year it would be nice to have a real one (I think it was 5 years ago we had a fresh one). Too much work though with kids !HA we had meltdowns when Hubs cut the tree at the the farm. We visited 2 Christmas tree farms before we finally found ours. We really like how open this one is, making it easier to see the ornaments. Thank You Hubs for doing most of the work, from cutting the tree to putting all the lights and ornaments!

12 ft Noble tree

view from our dining table!We are having HOT Pot here:)