Family Meals!

Hi Friends! Happy Monday:) Hubs and I had a lot of fun cooking this month. We made some yummy food and we enjoyed spending time together in the kitchen on the weekends. I already have a list of dishes I want to make with him for next month!HA..this is some of our family meals that we’ve enjoyed cooking/eating!

We went to the Asian market and Costco this month, so I made Filipino dishes like pork/chicken adobo and Filipino style spaghetti that my kids love!

Pork/Chicken Adobo and Sweet and Sour Fish (escabeche)

Filipino style spaghetti

Jalapeno poppers that Hubs likes.

When we visited Costco early this month, they still had the $5 something per pound for their Dungeness crabs, so we got 3. We made crab rangoon, and gnocchi with crabs!

We also got some salmon from Costco. We had roast salmon with bang-bang sauce and roast veggies.

Pork ribs soup!

Sweet and sour shrimp that we really liked and enjoyed! Hubs found the recipe online!

I used the left over salmon and made gimbap!

Spicy braised chicken

Air fried chicken wings paired with salad.

Roast chicken and veggies

Steak gyro with yogurt sauce (from Trader joes)!We really enjoyed this too.

Happy cooking friends!

Ocean Shore Trip

Hello friends, last week the family had a little weekend getaway to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary! Ocean Shores is just 3 hours drive from our city and we always like visiting at least once a year. It has become a family tradition. Hubs and I had low expectations because we checked the weather and it said it will be a rainy weekend. Luckily, we had 2 days of nice, sunny days and just 1 cold/rainy day! The kids had fun and no meltdowns at all! WIN!!

We stopped at Jollibee for breakfast because it was on our way to Ocean Shores. The kids loved their sweet filipino style spaghetti.

We had dinner at Bennet’s Fish shack! We got their prime rib sandwich, crab sandwich, and halibut sandwich!

On the actual Anniversary day, we had Ramen for lunch and enjoyed desserts from Crumble Cookie and Lady M Mille crepes (we got pistachio, strawberry, and chocolate cake slices).

It was a nice little celebration with my family and we thank God for giving us 15 years of married life (18 years together!), and pray for many more years of togetherness!

Have a great Saturday friends! Take care:)

Easter Weekend!

Hi Friends! Hope you all had a great Easter:) He is Risen!

We had a good Easter weekend! We didn’t do any easter egg hunt with the kids outside our house. The weather was nasty! Gray and rainy and cold! We didn’t really want the kids exposed with lots of people around them. Matthew had a cold a week ago and just recovered. Hubs put eggs around the house so they had a little egg hunting!HA

We had a little walk around the neighborhood and found a rabbit and a deer! It was exciting for the kids. My In laws stopped by Saturday afternoon to deliver the kids easter baskets and dyed eggs with us.

Easter Sunday, we went to Church and attended the first service (8am). We got donuts and I cooked bacon and eggs for brunch! My DIL took care of our easter dinner (ham, roast veggies, potato gratin, cake). Hubs and I made deviled eggs. It was a big hit! We did deviled eggs with bacon and lox. Before dinner the kids had a little egg hunting around the house.

Thanks to our families for the kids Easter Baskets! Have a great evening friends and take care:)

Hello Monday!

Hi friends! Happy Monday:) Monday is always a little busy for us because it’s Mia’s Co-op day and she takes taekwondo class. She is not really into it, but we wanted her to finish this class and try to have as much fun as she can. After her class we wait to pick up Matthew at his preschool!

We are really into beads lately, and we’ve bought more beads this weekend so we can design different patterns. Mia plans to make keychains for her grandparents and aunties! She is excited.

Messy table!HA. Mia is just done with her online classes

I did a little decluttering in one of our kitchen drawers this afternoon. It was a quick one, so YAY for me! HA…


For dinner I made Bang Bang salmon(recipe I got online), it’s so simple but delicious:) We had it with roasted brussels sprouts and leftover crab meat from this weekend.

Bang Bang sauce
Mia with her yellow belt and broken board!

Good night friends! Take Care:)

Spring Cleaning, grocery shopping!

Hello Friends! Hubs and I started a little spring cleaning these past days. We cleaned our refrigerator (took all of the shelves apart and did a good scrubbing). I’m glad that’s done! Hubs took care of our dining room chandelier too! I plan to do a lot of spring cleaning this month. I will try to show them here (maybe!). We went to Costco today and got a lot of stuff for the month. One of my goal this month is to really keep track of our monthly grocery expenses, and just be aware of our finances in general.

Our Big Costco Trip! I promise there is more than the carbs you see in the pic! HA!

I had a wonderful time doing my walk around the neighborhood while Hubs watched the kids. Matthew napped and Mia did her legos. It’s still cold outside but it’s important for me to get out and get some walking done!

Costco still has their 5.99/lb. crabbies so we got a package to enjoy this weekend. The kids had pizza:)

we like a clean ref! HA!
Enjoyed the tiramisu that my DIL gave us yesterday!

I hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend friends! Take Care:)