Valentines at Home!

Hi Friends! Did you do something fun yesterday? We stayed at home and had a nice dinner:) Hubs and I prepared Crabs Benedict ( Dungeness crabs are very cheap right now at our Costco) it was great! I did a little shopping at our local trader joes and got ingredients and flowers too! The kids requested chic-fil-a, so we had that for lunch! Everybody in the family was happy!HA We normally don’t give Vday gifts anymore. Hubs got us Starbucks coffee and velvet cake for me, and cake pop for the kids on Vday morning. No big gifts for us, as I’m still in my low spend year and I don’t need anything right now. For Hubs,the nice dinner was enough!

Vday flowers from Trader Joes!
the making of crabs benedict!
thanks Hubs!
Mia requested Chic Fil A!
Mia has been making me my morning coffee!

With all the valentines treats, we decided to play at the park in the afternoon!

I saw this on IG and I totally agree! Thank You God for the greatest love of all, your son Jesus:)

Have a great Wednesday friends (it’s been a long day here!) Take care:)

A little Family Hike!

Hi friends! I hope you’re having a great Monday:) Mondays are kinda busy for us because we are out of the house half of the day (Co-op Day/homeschool with other families). Anyways, we had a little family hike this weekend, it was a short one. We wanted to get out of the house and get a little exercise for the family, because it’s been so cold lately (it snowed this evening!UGH). So we are mostly staying home for the past few weekends. We really want to explore our state once the weather cooperates!HA

We wanted some treats after the hike! We got some donuts:) I paired mine with my delicious foamy coffee.

Have a great night friends! I’m off to bed now:) Take Care and stay safe!

Rainy February!

Hello Friends! How’s it’s going?! It’s been a rainy week in our area, so we’ve been mostly at home. I do my best to add little things here so we can have a cozy time. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and using my Instant Pot lately. I’m more inclined to make soups, braised meat and hearty dishes this time of year. It helps that I try to meal plan so I get to prepare ingredients ahead of time. I really want to be consistent in regards to this area of my homemaking life.

Flowers to add color to this rainy week!
Braised Pork hock (Patatim). Hubs really like this one:)
Crabs and fish that my kids love!HA. This is their favorite, it’s called Pompano (no idea whats the english name, we get this at the Asian market)
Jalapeno Poppers because Hubs craved this last week!
We had beef tenderloin in the freezer,so we got a little spoiled these past few days!
Spicy Braised Chicken (korean style: Dakdoritang)
Cheese fondue and buffalo chicken wings
Garlic butter pasta my Hubs made last week!
Pork Ribs soup(Filipino sour soup) another fave of my kids!
Beef Bulgogi

I continue to declutter our house and I’m still on my low spend challenge. It really helps that I watch videos and read books about minimalism and simplifying. I get so motivated when I get to see other people doing the same thing, I’m so encouraged! I still have a long way to go, but I can see a big difference already in our space.

I have to get going here, Have a great night and take care!