Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi Friends! Happy Mother’s day to all the Mothers, especially to my Mama back home in the Philippines! I hope that you are celebrated today and always! We had a simple dinner at home with my family (together with my In laws today. It was nice just to hangout and enjoy good food. We had steaks and seafoods like lobster, crab cakes, and shrimp potstickers. My DIL baked a chocolate cake because we are also celebrating a late birthday for him and my Mom In law!

We attended Church this morning, and had take out for lunch. Restaurants around the area were really busy, but we had to stop at our local Korean market because Hubs was craving green onion kimchi.HA. We had take out like Poke , siomai, japchae for lunch!

A little family/Mothers day selfie!

Mothers day lunch!

Kids making cards for Nana and Papa!

We had Burrata and prosciutto for appetizers, we also had Japaleno stuffed crabmeat! This is our usual order whenever we go to our favorite Italian restaurant.

The biggest lobster I’ve ever prepared! HA

Love steaks! So juicy and tender, melts in your mouth!

Thanks to my Family for all the goodies! I told Hubs I want consumable treats over things. I appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you God for the gift of motherhood:)

Have a wonderful Sunday evening friends! Take Care and Stay Safe:)

Simple Meals and Tj Haul!

Hi Friends! I hope your week is going great:) I’m in my “Simplifying my life Era” HA!, I’ve been decluttering and on a low spend journey (just me not my family) for almost 3 years now and I think there’s improvements (my closet is not overwhelming me anymore!) The kids toys and clothes are somewhat manageable now but there are still areas of my family life that I want to simplify, like our meals at home. I want to prepare simple meals (but healthyISH!). I don’t expect us to go unprocessed and organic, home cook 100% here! That’s not what I see happening. Let’s be real!

I like shopping at Trader Joes. I think they are affordable and have lots of fun treats. The problem is I get carried away and end up buying junky food that my family eats! I plan to share my groceries shopping/meal plans here to help me be intentional with what I get/prepare. I hope you get to join me!

Simple Meals that I’ve prepared so far for the family:

Shrimp Tacos

Eggplant Salad

Oven Baked Chicken Teriyaki

Baked French Toast/ Bacon/Pickle cucumber! I had pork belly and rice!

Fried Fish!

Steak and Black bean noodle

My Trader Joes Haul! Mix of produce and processed treats..I also got pretty flowers ($4),not bad Trader Joes!

Our breakfasts are usually toast/pancakes/eggs/cereals.

Lunches are usually sandwiches/cheese/crackers/snack type food/leftovers

Here’s to simplifying family meals friends! Have a great Evening and Stay Safe:) Take Care!

Great Wolf Lodge!

Hi Friends, this weekend we visited Great Wolf Lodge here in our state. It was part of the kids Christmas gifts. We got a decent price so we decided to take it, especially since Mia has been asking when are we visiting the water park again! So we surprised the kids and they were really excited! We’ve been here before so we kinda knew what to expect, etc. We didn’t like the restaurant food before so for dinner we tried a restaurant near the resort (Burger Claim, food was great!).

Mia enjoyed the big rides so much and Matthew wanted to try it but due to the height limit, we will have to wait until he is taller!HA! We visited the arcade and get to check out some of their games.

We stopped by Dutch Bros before we headed home!We really like their coffees and the super friendly baristas but this time, they messed up Hubs drink! Oh well! We still love Dutch Bros though!

Jollibee (a Filipino fastfood) had a 2nd location 45 minutes from Great Wolf Lodge, so we stopped by for a late lunch! My kids love their spaghetti and chicken joy! The Hubs does not like Jollibee at all! He ordered another dish at the nearby Hawaiian restaurant. HA

Have a great night friends! STay safe and Take Care:)