Pumpkin Carving

This past Saturday, we hosted a little Pumpkin carving for Mia and her little friends! We had Pizza and popcorn while we carved! Mia was so excited because this was her first pumpkin carving where she was really involved. I can’t believed that trick or treating will be in a couple of days. It’s been a rainy week for us here (I’m not complaining. I love our neighborhood this time of year because of the fall colors, it’s just so pretty!)

I spent a little time in the yard today. I got some cherry tomatoes, cucumber,and broccolini. The yard needs a good clean up! Maybe this weekend Hubs and I can do something about it.

Hello Fall! Perfection:)

I continue to declutter our house! I can already feel the difference that it’s easier to clean in the rooms that I’ve decluttered. I listen to decluttering/simplifying audiobooks for inspiration when I declutter. Thanks to my Hubs for helping me in this process. We plan to deal with our garage in a couple of weeks.

Have a great Wednesday night friends! Stay Warm:)

Fall Things!

It’s been a smokey week here so we’ve been spending lots of time being cozy in our home. I still continue to declutter and am trying to be more intentional with our things. However, I got a couple of new clothes (4 tops and 2 pants), a lot of my clothes I find are too faded/loose that they don’t feel good on me (I started my “no spend year” and no new clothes for me this year, so I kinda failed the challenge! HA. It’s OK though, I’m doing good in the other category.

Hubs and I are cooking more at home. We still do Friday take outs and get some fast food every now and then. I personally try to limit eating out because the prices are getting so ridiculous and it’s unhealthy.

We have an abundance of cherry tomatoes so I’ve been dehydrating them last week. We put them in our soups and pastas.

One of my goals this fall season (before the year ends) is to declutter the whole house. I’ve decluttered my clothes already and the kids (the hubs is not interested decluttering his clothes!HA).

Driving Matthew to school and I took a pic of this tree.

We have a Salmon Hatchery in our city and we celebrated “salmon days” 2 weeks ago. Lots of activities especially for the kids, Mia had her face painted and she wanted to be a tiger!

I like to drink coffee and read books during the fall season (lately I’m into simplifying/minimalism books).

What we’ve been cooking and eating lately:

Beef Caldereta (FilipinoBeef stew)
korean chicken wings
Ribeye,mushrooms,sweet potato hash
Pork Humba
Pork Nilaga (Boiled pork with bokchoy)
Pork Caldereta
Pizza night
Chicken and Dumplings
We made this last summer but I’m looking forward to making this again!

Take Care Friends:)

Happy Birthday Mia!

Mia had her birthday last week, we had so much fun celebrating our big girl and she had lots of fun and special memories with friends and family. Thank God for our adventurous and fun little Mia Boo!

On her actual birthday, we surprised her by checking in at a hotel (Hyatt Bellevue) so we can go swimming and have fun in downtown/city. We had an early dinner at STK but both kids didn’t like dinner,so Daddy had to go to Chic Fil A to get their dinner!HA. STK dinner was good, but I don’t think we will be back again. We ordered Ribeye oscar style(steak was decent) but the presentation was messy!HA. The crabs and asparagus was all over the place:( Oh well. We liked their mac and cheese though.

Excited face!HA
Going to our room!
Pool Time
Hotel View
STK appetizers
Rib eye Oscar style!
Mac and cheese
Birthday meal request

Saturday night, we had my In laws! Had to cut the celebration short because my DIL hit his head and had to go to the ER to get stitches. Thank God he is fine and nothing serious. Mia enjoying a gift from my SIL and an American doll from my sisters. Thanks to our family and friends for their generosity! We appreciate it so much. She got lots of nice gifts and has been enjoying them this week.

I made Pork Humba and green beans for dinner here.

We invited 5 of her girlfriends to Defy Seattle (a trampoline place) and pizza after. They all had so much fun jumping their hearts out!

Mia and friends!
She wanted a rainbow cake!
I had to blur our friends faces here, they are not big social media people.

It was a great but busy week for Mia, we are thankful to family and friends for spending their time with us.

Take care friends!