Weekend Date!

Happy weekend Friends! Hubs and I had an impromptu date because my In laws offered to watch the kids for a couple of hours (what a nice surprise!) We decided to enjoy poke and Starbucks!I finally got my PSL! YUM:) We did a little grocery shopping at our asian market too! Got some fish and produce for this week.

We had fun yesterday with Hub’s friends! His friend from Idaho was in town and Hubs invited him for dinner and games after. Hubs prepared steaks and I helped with the side dishes. It was a great night with yummy food and company with friends. The kids love it when we have company in the house because we let them stay up late and they get to hangout with Daddy’s friends too!

Breakfast this weekend! We’ve been enjoying this almond danish from Costco!
Steak and brussels sprouts were a HIT! Roasted brussels sprout recipe from Ina Garten! So good:)
Park time with Papa!

Love a little lunch date with Hubs! It’s been a while since we’ve been out without the kids. Thanks to my In laws for the offer to watch the kids:)

Live King Crabs at the asian market!

Mia found a salamander in the yard when we got home! She wants to keep it as our pet!HA

Napping so hard after playing at the park!
Grilled fish for dinner! Leftovers for tomorrows dinner:)

Last but not least, it’s been a sad week for our country! We continue to pray for our brave marines and their families and the innocent civilians in Afghanistan. God be with them.

Have a goodnight friends! Going to get ready for bed here. Take care and stay safe:)

Feels like Fall!

Hi friends! It’s been a cloudy day here and the weather feels like fall is fast approaching here (Starbucks have the PSL out yesterday). I will probably get one this weekend:) It’s been a sad day for our country after more than a dozen marines and US personnel died in Afghanistan today. I pray for our marines, their families, and innocent civilians that are suffering right now. God be with them. I’m grateful that this is not my final home and I have hope in Jesus. Despite the craziness today, I’m encouraged that God wins in the end!

I’m almost done with this homemaking book. I really enjoy reading about other homemakers and learning about their everyday life. Love her short stories and encouragement.

Hubs made caramels this week, so good!

My DIL found some fresh tuna at our local seafood market, Of course he got us some! I fried some and made a tuna sandwich. Growing up my family ate a lot of fried fish paired with soy/citrus/chili dipping sauce. YUM

Mia got lots of clothes from her grandparents this week. Thankful for a generous Nana and Papa! She modeled them for us!HA

I did a little konmari on my coffee/teas this week. I took everything and check all the expirations, listed what we need to be buying for our pantry (very low on chocolate drink/mix) so I will be looking out for sales in the coming weeks. I have enough for the rest of the year!

My starbucks was given by my Dad In law!

Mia got to facetime some of our relatives back in the Philippines! Thank You technology:)

With the cozy weather lately, we’ve been enjoying our naps!

Off to bed here friends, stay safe and take care!

Slow weekend!

Hi Friends! How’s your weekend? Mine was OK, got news from Philippines that my first cousin died unexpectedly (34 years old) gone too soon. Second death in my family this month of August. Thinking of my family back home during these sad times.

So we took things slow this weekend, I still have kids and hubs to take care of! I took the kids to the park, spent time in the garden and got some herbs to dry, and had Chic fil A to enjoy! I also got to read a book about homemaking and started a korean drama on netflix with Hubs.

Hubs made creme brûlée too and we totally enjoyed it!

I promised they both love eating Chic fil A! HA

Did some grocery shopping because Hubs just wanted to get out of the house and we didn’t have basic stuff like eggs and milk. So off we went to the grocery store. I’m going to organize my pantry this week and will do inventory of what we have, back to stockpiling again with the governor announcing his mask mandate.UGH! I have no desire to go to the grocery store for the rest of the month.

Mia and Daddy made slime tonight, she really loved it! So precious:)

Going to freeze the chives and rosemary to use this coming fall/winter.

Have a goodnight friends! Take care and talk soon:)

Weekend Fun

Hello friends! I haven’t been here for more than a week. Earlier this month I got news that one of my aunts in the Philippines passed away. RIP Auntie Inday. I’m still sad about the whole thing. Gone too soon:(

This weekend, we went to Rattlesnake Lake and got to enjoy the water. The kids had lots of fun playing and swimming. Fall is just around the corner so I really want to enjoy the rest of summer season. Mia will start Preschool next month and she’s excited to be with new friends and meet her teachers.

Enjoying Poke!

We started to shop for Mia’s school supplies this weekend. We still have some things to buy because they didn’t have it at Target. We’ll probably shop online for the rest.

She got new rainboots too!

Playdates with our neighbors!

I asked the Hubs to bake Brioche bread for us to enjoy this week! Perfect with jams and cheese.

Have a great Monday night friends. Stay safe and take care!

Back to Normalcy

It’s been a busy Thursday of me doing housework today because the house was just a mess! Hubs has been gone for a couple of days in Idaho (visiting friends). So it was just me and kids (thanks to my In laws for helping me out by bringing the kids to the park last weekend to give me a break). I did a minimum of housework when hubs was not around because the kids can be draining. I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, cooked dinner, weeded the garden a little today.

The disaster waiting to be tackled

Gotta have breakfast to give me energy!HA I had eggs,prosciutto, arugula sandwich. I picked up Roses in my yard too for extra encouragement. It helped that Mia was spending the day at my In laws. One less distraction:)

After Pics!HEhehe

My DIL texted me this pic of Mia enjoying ice cream!

When Mia got home, I asked her to pick the ripe tomatoes.

We enjoyed steak tonight along with Vanilla Ice cream with fried plantains for dessert. So So GOOD!

We had a fun day yesterday too! One of the reasons why I’m behind in my housework. Oh well!

Yesterday,Hubs took the day off so we went to Gene Coulon Beach Park, it’s 25 mins drive from us. First time for the kids to be there. We really liked it and we’ll probably be back there again.

We had chic fil a and sushi after the beach. Everybody was tired but it was a fun day with my family. We missed Daddy but he’s back home now and everything is back to normal (sort of!).

Going to get ready for bed here friends. Have a good night and almost TGIF!

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! How’s your weekend going? It was a gloomy day yesterday so we did a lot of indoor activities. I did a lot of reading on my kindle and cleaned the house (deep cleaned the toilets!). My In laws visited and took the kids to the park today and had dinner with us tonight. Love my In laws, they’re so loving the kids and very kind and supportive with me and Hubs!

Currently reading today, will probably finish tonight! I recommend this book.

Kids are loving their new rainbow and pink kinetic sands.

he loves avocados! Mia not so much:)

Mia wanted a picture of them in their bathrobes but Matthew is not in the mood!HA
Late night snacking!

Grandma playing with Matthew!

Fave sandwich lately: Prosciutto,arugula, onion/chive cream cheese!YUM

I cut more hydrangeas to enjoy them inside! So pretty:)

Dinner with my In laws, we ordered from our local favorite restaurant!

I got the steak salad tonight.

Going to get ready to put the kids to bed here. Looking forward to finishing my book and preparing for another week! Have a great week and stay safe:)