Shabu Shabu

Hi friends! How was your weekend? And Valentines today? We invited my In laws to have HotPot/Shabu Shabu with us yesterday and watch the Superbowl. Hubs and I really don’t follow football but my DIL watches it so we did have it on while we had dinner. I love HotPot, it’s such a fun way to gather family and friends, and have a good night with yummy food! Hubs had fun making dipping sauces for everybody and he nailed it! Good Job Hubs:)

We shopped at Hmart Supermarket, we got lamb,beef, and pork belly. Lots of mushrooms and bokchoy because my DIL loves bokchoy. We had Dungeness crabs too. The prices are so crazy high right now, and I can’t believe how expensive meat is right now. I included the price of the crabs, I swear it doubled this year. $85 for two large crabs.

We had guacamole and chips before dinner. Hubs made puppy chow too and Mia liked it, Matthew not so much!HA

Her Valentines outfit for school. They were encouraged to wear something red and pink. She got lots of goodies from her friends like Stickers, keychain, and cards!

Writing Valentine cards for her friends!
So sweet!
Thanks to our family and friends for all the cards! Two of Mia’s friends dropped by at the house to give her cookies and chocolates!
Dinner tonight! Leftovers from last night:)

Hubs asked me if he can get me something today and I told him that I don’t really need or want anything! No flowers or gifts. We did exchange cards today:)

I hope you all had a wonderful day friends! God bless and stay safe:)

New Vacuum

Hi friends! I decided to get a new vacuum because I’m tired of using my heavy bulky one!HA. I ordered from Costco online and it arrived yesterday. So far I like it and I cannot believe the amount of dust/dirt it is sucking up despite vacuuming the main area everyday. $500 after! UGH, so there goes my low spend month challenge:( . Hubs also “convinced” me to replace my massager (still working but making a loud noise) and get a new one. Oh Well! It’s for the house (clean floors!LOL) and happy footsies for everybody here! Mia used it already and said she liked it!

Dyson V10
Somebody is enjoying!

Matthew and I have been doing little walks around the neighborhood and we’ve been enjoying it a lot.

I made Kimchi Jjigae With Ribs and it’s so good!

We had couple of nice,sunny days this week, so we’ve been going to the park:)

I dehydrated some cherry tomatoes!

Hope you’re all having a great week friends! Stay safe and take care:)

Grocery Shopping!

Hi friends! We did our first shopping for this month at Trader Joes last night. I wanted to stock up our pantry. One of my goals this February is to stock up on canned goods like tuna, spam, tomato sauce,etc. I’ve got olive oil, coconut milk and frozen meals for quick lunches/dinners. I made chicken broth today and am freezing it for future use. I will dehydrate cherry tomatoes tomorrow too.

Stuff going to my pantry!

With Mia shopping with us, we got treats for this month! All about chocolate and Valentines goodies!HA

Poke after shopping:)

Kids doing arts while Hubs and I started Reacher series on Amazon today!

Lunch Break:)

Chicken broth cooling down!

I’ve been enjoying a simple ceasar salads this week! Good and refreshing:)

Low spend February is going strong friends! Aside from our TJ shopping (it was a little high close to $300 because of our pantry stuff) we are doing great! My wireless vacuum cleaner is broken though, so Hubs is convincing me to just get a new one. It broke last week!UGH. I’m currently using my heavy bulky one that we refurbished last year. Decisions, decisions….

Have a great night friends! Going to relax with Hubs here:)

Stay safe and take care!

January Low Spend!

My January low spend month has come to an end! I think we did good because I stuck to my lists and no unnecessary items were bought (just leggings and Vday clothes for Mia) outside of our budget, so that is great. Our grocery bill was a little high because we did stock up on our meat like bacon and sausages. I plan to do more stocking up this February because with inflation and supply chain issues, it’s just a smart thing to do and saves us money in the long term.

One of my goals this year is to try different recipes and cook at home (most of the time. I’ve been watching Korean youtube channels and I was inspired to cook DAKDORITANG (Korean spicy chicken stew). It’s simple and delicious! I do have to adjust the spice level because their spices can be on another level.

Hubs lunch
FIl-AM dinner!Hubs had chili and the rest of us had Filipino sour soup “pork sinigang”

I had Poke twice this month. I love it but it’s pricey ($15) a bowl. So this is a treat for me!

homemade dumplings! I have to adjust the size next time!HA
Kalbi marinated flank steak and mushrooms!

I’ve seen lots of “frugal February” around social media and seems fun to join but I plan to stock up and add to my pantry so I’m not sure how it will work out for me. I will still be intentional with the spending and buy what’s essential to our family.

Take care friends and stay safe!