Sickly Weekend

Hi Friends! We’ve been taking it slow since Friday here because the kids got sick Friday night (the usual cough and runny nose) they’re both doing better now. Unfortunately, it looks like I got what they had because I’m congested now and having body aches. Praying we will be on the mend this week. We had a busy week before the kids got sick! We all had a dental appointment (Mia has two missing front teeth now!), we watched a movie at the theater and then had lunch at Shake Shack! Hubs and I got to have a lunch date at this new Vietnamese restaurant I’ve been wanting to check out. Thanks to my In laws for taking care of the kids:)

Lots of takeout this weekend. We had Chic-fil-a, Pizza, Chicken Biryani and Paneer tikka masala! My Hubs spoiled me this weekend by getting me Starbucks twice in two days!HA. I finished a Chinese drama I started this week (Only for Love). It was cute and I like the lead guy!Dylan Wang!

I like Vanilla Oatmilk Latte
I had the Hazelnut Oat milk shaken espresso yesterday. Thanks to my Hubs for all the yummy drinks this past weekend!

Lunch date with Hubs at the new Vietnamese restaurant! I got the Short ribs Pho and it was so good! I will definitely order this again. Hubs had a sandwich!

Hubs got shrimp last Friday and I’m tired of the usual garlic butter shrimp so I decided to make stuffed Shrimp and it turned out well!

I hope you have a healthy week friends! Take Care and stay warm and cozy:)

Freezing week!

Hi Friends! It’s been very cold here since Thursday. It was supposed to snow this week but we we didn’t really get a lot of snow but due to freezing temperatures it’s still frozen outside. We played in the park and the kids made little snow angels a couple of times. Aside from the park and church this morning, and driving to our favorite donut shop, we’ve been cozy at home and consuming too many hot cocoas these past couple of days!HA

We went to Costco the day before the snow hit. They had a decent sale on their Dungeness crabs so Hubs and I picked a package. I made Crab ramen (homemade crab broth!YUM!)

Our Church had a family movie night this week we attended!It was fun:)

Costco time!

Donuts for breakfast!HA

Dinner last night!

Mexican and subway the other night!

Part of winter cozy days are spent reading at home too! I borrow books online from our library. I’ve read more than 40 books so far last year (I have some books I collected too).

I hope you are staying safe and warm friends! Take Care:)

Rainy Week!

Hello friends from the rainy and windy Pacific Northwest! Snow is on the forecast for later this week, the kids are excited! My Sis is finally back to the east coast, but before she left we had a little tradition with the kids. We have a little sleep over in the living room! Mia is always so excited to do this:)

Hubs finally took our Christmas tree down and I stored the other decorations back in the garage! I still have to deep clean our living room though! Still decluttering and minimizing here at home. I plan to drop another bag this coming week.

Tipsy cow dinner! We had burgers and fries. We liked our burgers this time 🙂 I had The Winemaker (7oz custom ground beef patty, triple cream brie, alfalfa sprouts, caramelized onions, white truffle aioli).

The Winemaker!YUM!

Walking around the neighborhood! With all the treats this Holiday season, need to move this body. HA!

Sis likes this Reuben sandwich from Market House Meat! The BEST Reuben sandwich in our opinion.

We had cheese fondue with my In laws late last week.

Lots of sleepovers in the living room before Sis leaves for NYC!

We had a Korean Lunch before going to the airport! We all love Korean dishes. We got Bulgogi, seafood pancake, Galbi soup.

A little selfie before going to the Airport.

We had a family walk after we dropped Sis at the Airport! SO gloomy and cold!

This week we are back to our routine. Homeschooling and typical home life. Hubs is back to work.

I hope you are all having a great day friends! We are just relaxing at home now. I did have a quick walk outside earlier while waiting for the school bus and it’s so windy and cold outside.

Take Care and stay safe!

Happy New Year!

Hi Friends! Happy New Year! I pray that we all have a healthy and peaceful year with our family and friends, God’s protection and guidance be with us as we welcome a new year!

We had a simple celebration at home with my In laws last night (NY Eve), Hubs prepared filet mignon (sous vide style/seared after) so tender! After dinner, we played Uno for a while. We watched the London fireworks and countdown on youtube, toasted with Proseco and called it a night by 9:30! HA! Our neighbors had fireworks around 11 pm, so that was fun to listen to!

We attended our Church’s New Years service in the morning. Mia wanted to take a pic here!HA

Hubs preparing the steak. We got this at Costco.

New Years Day! Hello 2024! We had an impromptu decision to visit Leavenworth. We love this touristy little Bavarian town. It was very cold but no snow. The drive wasn’t too bad with not a lot of cars on the road. We got brats and pretzels and goodies like cookies and pastries! We stayed for 3 hours and it was just enough time for us. The kids got a little cranky after and napped on the way home!

A little selfie before going home! Thank You God for safe travels. We are home and just resting (we enjoyed our steak leftovers from last night).

Have a great rest of the week friends! Take care!