Signs of Spring!

Hi Friends! This week we had a couple of nice sunny days where we could see spring coming soon!HA! I really need to clean our vegetable box and the yard in the coming weeks, so we can plant and start the garden.

Yesterday (Saturday), we decided to visit this Filipino restaurant that I wanted to try (thanks IG) but it was a big disappointment. Some of the fried dishes like Crispy pata and fried fish looked dry, the beef caldereta looked like its a leftover!UGH…AN hour drive just to see a mediocre Filipono dishes! What a waste:( We had dessert at a Korean Cafe called ONE DAY, dessert and our boba drinks were decent.

One Day Cafe:

We discovered a big Korean market in the area too! So that was the fun part:) I wish it wasn’t an hour drive from our place, otherwise, we would be shopping there often! So many selections and decent prices. I ended up getting this BIBIGO tteokbokki and a case of Chapagetti ramen because it was the cheapest price I’ve seen so far.

Tacoma Dome on our way to the restaurant!

That was our weekend friends! We had a relaxing day and lots of family time. Have a great rest of the evening and stay safe!

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! Hope you’re having a great weekend. We had a park and ice cream date with my little fam this weekend! It was sunny but still so cold though. It was rainy last week so we wanted to go out and get some treats.

I wanted to have fondue for Valentines day but we ended up having it the next day (the 15th). It was a nice post Valentines dinner at home. Hubs and I love cheese so this is always a fun thing to do for us!

I made sweet and sour fish last Friday evening! It turned out good, and Hubs said he will have this again:) The kids had fish fillets/nuggets, we are still encouraging them to try non kiddie meals!HA

Yesterday, we wanted to get out and enjoy the sun despite it still being so cold! We had ramen at this new Japanese place near our church. It was okay but in fairness the serving were generous! The kids loved their noodles.

After the ramen, we wanted to try Molly Moon’s ice cream (we like salt and straw ice cream) so off we went to the nearest shop and got some ice cream. It was decent and pricey!HA. Now that we’ve tried Molly Moons, we can say that Salt and Straw is our fave! They have more selections/flavors too!

Bellevue park after ice cream treats!

This afternoon we stopped at Costco! It was a circus as usual but we survived:)

Hubs and I shared their salmon poke! Good enough for the price we paid.

That was our little weekend fun friends! Have a goodnight and take care:)

Happy Valentine’s!

Hi Friends! Happy Valentine’s Day:) My In laws watched the kids today so Hubs and I got to have a little lunch date. We picked a dumpling restaurant and got treats after. We don’t give gifts to the kids (we did before) but my In laws gave them each goodie bags full of treats and stickers. They also bought pizza! Hubs and I got some chocolates too! Mia told me tonight that “Nana and Papa are so nice mommy!” HA! They’ve always been so generous to the kids:)

This morning we made some Valentines cards for my In laws!

Lunch with Hubs!

We got Boba and egg waffles after!

Beside the dumpling place is our fave doughnut shop! We got some fritters to give to my Mom In law, she likes apple fritters in this specific shop.

Valentines treats started last weekend in our house! After church we got some Krispy Kremes. Their donuts are too sweet for us ( a rare treat for the family).

My Dad In law gave us some chili last weekend, we made some chili nachos while watching Kdrama ( we don’t watch the Superbowl in our house).

I hope you had a great Valentines day friends! Stay safe and Take Care:)

Playdate, Coziness at home!

Hi Friends! It’s been a very cold day so we’ve just been cozying up here. Fireplace is on, teas /coffees for us and hot cocoa for the kids! We had a playdate early this week with our friends at the park (so cold!). Mia also started swimming lessons this week, and she said she’s really enjoying it! Not a lot going on (Thank God!) I love days where we have calm and slow days. I remember the days when Matthew stayed in the NICU for 3 months and we had to go to Seattle everyday to visit. So I appreciate the slow days so much:)

We went to Costco this week and got some goodies! I really want to lessen our grocery budget this month, so I’m trying to be intentional with my grocery shopping. I hope I can stick to my list this week.HA! January was an OK month, I could do better but we got sick, so it was more than I budgeted!

$450 Costco grocery

Hubs and I enjoyed this Costco sushi!

One of my goals this February is to cook more at home. SO far I’ve been doing that! I made roast Pork roast belly, steaks, soup, and grilled fish.

Black bean noodles with pork belly, green onion kimchi
Grilled mahi mahi,salad
Glass noodles with pork belly

The In laws watched the kids yesterday, so Hubs and I got a little lunch date and Hubs picked sushi again!HA

Movie night with the kids this week. We watched The Lorax:)

Have a great and cozy Friday night friends! We are going to play some card games and watch Kdrama (we are watching Marry My Husband on Prime) tonight. Stay warm!

Back to Normal!

Hi Friends! Happy End of the month:) Thank God we are finally back to good health and looking forward to a healthy February! This week, we wanted to get out and visit this dessert place I found on Instagram (happy to get out of the house and healthy to be around people). After Church we had lunch at this Vietnamese restaurant, nothing amazing, but glad to try another restaurant.

We also discovered a Korean mini mart close to our church, so we checked it out and I’m so excited to find this one and get Korean products that we always see in our Kdramas. We got some Bibimbap ingredients and Gimbap, kimchi.

Vietnamese Lunch
Strawberry shaved ice

We had a little family walk yesterday. One of my February goals is to have more family walks and get the family outside. Hopefully the weather will get better and spring is on the horizon!

With our family sickness this January, we did eat take out a lot and had Starbucks more than usual! Hubs is my enabler when it comes to my coffee weakness!HA I plan to cook more at home this coming month.

We really like Frankies Pizza
Sbucks drinks!

I hope you are having a great Wednesday friends! I’m excited for a new month and have plans to be productive after a slow and relaxed January!

Talk Later Friends! Take Care:)