Children’s museum and visiting Seattle!

Hello friends! A couple of weeks ago the family had fun visiting Imagine Children’s Museum (I think 1 hour drive from our place). We thought it was going to be a rainy weekend but it turned out nice and sunny (still cold) day!HA. Anyways, the kids had a great time and the museum had lots of cool ideas/sections that the kids had fun exploring. We plan to visit other museums that our State has in the coming months. We had pizza and boba drinks in the car after because we got hangry! The Pizza place messed up our order 🙁 it was still good though.

Two weekends ago, we visited Seattle since I wanted to try this restaurant because I was scrolling IG and saw someone posting about it (IG made me do it!HA). We rarely eat out with the kids because our toddler Matthew can get antsy if he stay in a chair for a long time. But surprisingly, he did better than we expected, brunch was great! The food not so much!HA.. Hubs didn’t really like his food (salmon sashimi don) the salmon wasn’t the freshest for him. We had the Chicken Katsu and Nanban rice plates and we liked it. Dessert was great!

Mia had a little play date with her BFF after our lunch so we got home after!

playdate at the lake!

We plan to do more weekend fun with the family in the coming weeks! We are trying to be intentional with exposing the kids to more family fun and experiences as much as we can!

Have a great day friends! Stay healthy and safe:)

Family meals!

Hello friends! Happy Spring:) This march has flown by so fast that I don’t know where the time went! I’ve been cooking most of our meals this month ( I don’t cook every day) because I really want to use what we have in our freezer. So far I’ve been making a dent..HA! We have been enjoying quick meals like steaks and salads this month.

Rib eye steak, my fave:)
steak with blue cheese sauce
sun dried tomato pasta
Beef bulgogi (Costco) this was decent!
steak bites
vermicelli noodle with chicken and veggies
fried milkfish
searing short ribs
braise short ribs and mashed potato
steak,bitter melon,rice

Hubs and I have enjoyed salads this month too.

steak salad
pear and blue cheese salad
Crab Caesar salad
pear, prosciutto,blue cheese salad
corned beef, roast potato and carrots,salad
carnitas rice bowl
oxtail soup with bokchoy

Happy Cooking friends! Stay safe:)

Making Homemade Bread!

Hi Friends! This week Hubs baked us homemade bread and homemade gummy candies! I really don’t like baking but with the price of bread now a days, I told hubs I wanted to learn from him how to bake bread. I mostly observed him and next time I will do most of the baking (he will assist!) We normally consume 2 loafs a week because the family likes to eat sandwiches and toasts:) I need to step up my homemaking skills when it comes to baking!HA

Mia helping Daddy make gummy worm candy

Mia and I had a nice walk yesterday and enjoyed the sunshine. We are excited that winter is almost over because we have plans to do more walks and hikes in the coming spring and summer time. We are thankful that our neighborhood has a great view!

spring is almost here!

Have a great Thursday evening friends! Take Care:)

A quiet week!

Hi Friends, how are you doing? We are spending a lot of time at home and taking it easy. We try to go out for a walk when it’s nice outside. We got to see our friends last weekend too, and they prepared a Chinese food feast for us. It was nice to be with friends during grieving times. It was a great distraction.

I asked Hubs to help me make candles. My SIL got me a candle making kit last Christmas and we finally used it. It was easy but took a little longer than I expected because the container used to melt the wax was small. I like having candles around and light a couple everyday but I know that some of the ingredients are not very good for us. We made unscented and soy wax candles this time.

I saved some of my candles containers because I always wanted to make my own candles.

The feast we had this past weekend. One of Mia’s friends from preschool invited us (together with other families) for dinner! YUM!

Chinese buffet!HA

We got Riley’s ashes this week. For now we have it on the mantel together with his picture and paw print. It’s been a week and half since his passing and the house feels so empty without his presence. We miss him so much.

I finished a book I borrowed from the library, it continue to motivate me to declutter and simplify our home. It’s a quick and direct to the point kind of book! Highly recommend if you need a motivation to declutter/own less.

I hope you’re having a great day friends! It’s almost the weekend:) Take care!

We’ll Miss you Riley!

Hi Friends! I have some sad news to share today. Riley our dog passed away last Tuesday, (Feb 28). He was almost 13 years old (his 13th bday would have been this June). We were still on vacation when he died. Unfortunately, we booked the soonest flight we could get back home, but couldn’t get here fast enough. My DIL was taking care of him, was with him in his last moments. He brought him to the vet Tuesday afternoon when he noticed some labored breathing and an x-ray showed that cancer was spread everywhere and there’s nothing they can do about it and suggested we put him down. We were hoping that we could still make it back, but he declined so rapidly. This is what saddens me and my hubs the most, that we couldn’t be with him during his last moments. At least he was with my DIL who he loves and he was in our house where he felt comfortable and safe. He lived a great life and knows we all loved him. He was such a fun and loyal dog! We will miss him terribly and it will take a long time for this emptiness we are feeling right now to go away.

The day we got him from the pet store
such a cuddle bug
loves the fireplace
always there with me
late night feeding with Mia

Mia and her drawings of Riley!

Thank You God for almost 13 years of unconditional love from Riley! You’ll always be in our hearts Puss:)