Summer Trip!

Hello Friends! How you all doing? I know it’s official Fall season but I wanted to share what we did last summer:) We visited friends in Idaho and had a wonderful trip. We needed to just get out of WA and spend time with friends. Lots of sunshine and time in the water ( we did pool, beach, falls!). I was a little anxious about how the kids would handle a long road trip, but thankfully they did well! Thank you, Jesus!:) Only 2 or 3 meltdown in the car if I recall.

We also did our yearly visit to the Ocean here in WA! Mia had so much fun playing in the sand and flying kite for the first time. The weather was not the best though because of the fog and smoke from the fires that’s happening here in WA and California. No smores on the beach and BBQ outside due to strict policy about fires!

I hope you are all doing great friends! Stay safe 🙂