My First Mothers day!

Hello friends! My first Mother’s day was pretty special! It was a fun filled weekend and I needed a few days to recover. HA! Mia was dedicated to the Lord that weekend at our Church so that was memorable! She behaved well and didn’t cry when our Pastor prayed over her! Good job Miss Mia:)

We had an early Mother’s day dinner celebration with my In Laws because we we’re also celebrating my MIL’s birthday! It was a Double celebration:) We had dinner at Flat Iron Grill (local restaurant), then had caked and coffee at home.

Mother’s day we had brunch at our house after we got out from Church. My husband prepared crepes, sour cream coffee cake and macaroons that the Hubs baked and prepared too. He was very busy in the kitchen. I’m not into baking so the Hubs took care of that. We took lots of pictures! Enjoy:)

with my Boobear! I got flowers and cards from Hubs and family!

gotta take Mia’s #OOTD for family!
With my MIL Kathy,before Church service!
what a special gift from our Church!

Yummy cake! thanks to my In laws:)
Brunch at home! Crepes,coffee cake,fruits

my MIL Kathy!
Mia and her grandparents!

I requested Filipino dinner for Mother’s Day!

When my Hubs asked me what I wanted for Mother’s day, I told him it would be nice to have my favorite Coffee cake and macaroons! hehe..I didn’t want any material things to be honest! So he gave me both! cake and macaroons:) YUM! thanks GA!

Pistachio Macarons

Coffee cake (he used Ina Garten’s recipe)

Mia James, we waited for you for a long time! You are God’s gift to us:) Thank you for making me a mama!

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! How did your weekend go? We did a lot of errands, when I say errands, I mean shopping! We went to an Asian market in Seattle (traffic was so bad!) and got some Filipino products that I wanted. The main reason we went there was to get Ox tail meat because I wanted to make Kare-Kare for our Sunday dinner with my In-laws. Kare-kare is a filipino dish made of oxtail stew in thick peanut sauce and vegetables (served with shrimp paste). My In-laws liked it, especially my DIL (he’s such a foodie and a food “adventurer”, he will try anything!). We also celebrated Mia’s 7 months, and her daddy baked cupcakes for her! We love you Mia Boo (her new thing lately is giving us kissy ducky face! such a funny little girl:)

A little cinco de mayo celeb at home!
weekend naps are the best!
Riley is totally ignoring us!hehe

sushi from Metropolitan market!
my filipino goodies!
our local farmers officially opened this weekend! I got these pink and yellow tulips!
Kare-Kare, the Hubs prefers to have the veggies not mixed with the meat!
Hehe my DIL enjoying some kare-kare!

Thanks for stopping by friends! Have a great week:)


Weekend Fun!

Hello Friends! Happy May 1st (can’t believe it’s already May). Hope you had a great weekend, ours was quiet! We enjoyed a nice spring day last Friday evening and got out of the house to have a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory! The Hubs and I started a Netflix series called “The Night Shift” and so far we’ve been enjoying the medical drama!

Saturday, my SIS visited and spent time with Mia! Thanks Juju for loving on Mimi, she’s blessed to have an auntie that loves on her:)

Auntie Juju giving Mia her dinner!

I plan to clean and declutter this week! Hello Spring Cleaning! Wish me luck, I need all the motivation in the world!

I plan to stick to my meal planning this week! It saves us money and time. Lord help me on this because I’m not very good at consistency, and I always find my self giving in to my unhealthy cravings like RICE (unlimited!) HA! Tonight we had shrimps and mashed potato!

Here’s my meal plan for the week:

M: Shrimps and Mashed potato

T: Chicken curry,rice

W: My In laws usually take care of the food, they come visit us and bring food (I know we’re so blessed). We had salmon, crab cakes,mashed potato and green beans last Wednesday! YUM..

Th: Beef Stroganoff, salad

Friday: Chicken Wings, salad or take out

Saturday: left overs or sandwiches (something simple)

Sunday: Not sure yet (we’ll have my In laws for dinner!)

I only plan for dinner because our breakfast and lunch are the usual stuff like cereals,yogurt,toast,eggs. Lunches are left overs,sandwiches, or junky fast food.

Thanks for stopping by friends!