Weekend Fun:Desert Aire

Hello Friends! We had a little road trip we took this past weekend at Desert Aire, WA! It’s a 2 hour drive from our place. It’s a small town¬† with a pretty view of the mountains and the Columbia River. We had fun together with our friends swimming, playing card games and just hanging out/catching up. Mia loved their community pool because they have a kids section that’s just perfect for her size! Thanks to Auntie Juju for taking care of Riley and the house this weekend:)

As usual we over packed again!

somebody got bored!HA her face:)
Mirror to the rescue!

Photo credit: our friend Lena! Thanks Lena:)

saturday morning breakfast!

Blueberry Picking!

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! I wanted to share something we did last week, blueberry picking! Aunt Candy (Hub’s Auntie) invited us along with her friends to do some blueberry picking. She’s been doing it for many years now and thought that little Mia might enjoy doing this. We all did! It’s my first time to do this (I’ve done apple picking before) and I had so much fun. Mia enjoyed it at first (picking and eating) but after 30 minutes she went back to her stroller and rested! HA! We picked 16 lbs. and already shared some with family and have the rest in the freezer for future use (we will use it for smoothies, pies,pancakes). Aunt Candy was nice enough to prepare lunch too, we had sandwiches and fruits! Can’t wait to do this again next year!

Picking berries is so tiring!

Weekend Fun!

Hello Friends! How was your weekend?  The Hubs and I watched the movie Mission Impossible last Friday night (a very rare event since we had Mia) my In laws watched her. So nice to watch and had a dinner with the hubs! What an action packed movie!

The Blue Angels performed in Seattle this weekend. We’ve watched them before and it’s really fun, would be great to have Mia watch them perform but I think she’s too young for that right now. We saw a couple of them though while we were in the mall parking lot. We wanted to bring Mia in the mall and let her play in one of the bouncy / play area kiddie place but she fell asleep in the car on the way to the place! HA! We ended up eating in the car so as not to disturb her.

My drink while watching Mission Impossible!
Blue Angels!
Poke bowl!
Mia got a new toy! A little grocery cart!She is so loving it!

Saturday evening, we had to bring Riley to the vet. His allergies are back with a vengeance! He’s OK now but we have to give him ear drops for 2 weeks. This has always been an issue for him. Mia wants to be there for her fur brother, Riley! They’re frenemies!

She loves giving kisses to Riley!

We had brunch with my In laws after church! I had Salmon Lox Benedict! YUM!

My Hubs cleaned the yard and cleaned Mia’s kiddie pool! Thanks Ga! You’re such a good daddy:)

Hubs little harvest!

Have a great week friends!