Disney On Ice

Hi Friends! Last Sunday My little family watched Disney on Ice and we really enjoyed it. It was a last minute decision we made but I’m glad it went well. Hubs and I were not sure if Mia would stay still the whole 2 hours or if she would be bored, after all she’s still not familiar with Disney characters aside from Minnie and Mickey Mouse. She totally surprised us because she was dancing, clapping and really attentive (it helped that she had a nap before the show). I’m sure it would have been a disaster if she skipped her nap. Hubs and I are trying to be intentional with our family time and desire to give Mia lots of fun experiences over stuff/toys.

We had dinner at RAM before her nap and show. It was delicious:)

Minnie and Superman!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Friday. We did a little trick or treating yesterday in our neighborhood and local shopping area here in our city. Mia had fun and got lots of goodies / candies! Originally she wanted to be Peppa pig, so we ordered a costume online, but for whatever reason when the costume arrived she refused to wear it! UGH toddlers:)

We ended up getting her a Minnie Mouse costume and bribed her with some candies to wear it initially! Once she tried it on she begged us to wear it, even after Halloween was over so I assume she likes it now!HA. We visited Matthew too and the hospital staff were kind enough to take a pic of him wearing a superman cape! Too cute:) SUPERMATT!

ENjoying her special drink!
Peppa pig wanna be!HA….we haven’t seen her meltdown like that in quite some time!

Blessings friends!