Our Christmas 2023!

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great Christmas and are having a restful week as we bid goodbye to the year.

On Christmas Eve (12/23) we had a nice family walk in our park and the kids got to do scooters. It was a very cold afternoon, but unfortunately, no snow this Christmas!

After the walk, we did some last minute shopping and got some chocolates!

Uno time after dinner. Mia really likes playing Uno with the family!

Christmas Eve candle light service.

After the service, we had Chinese food and hung around the house. We played a reindeer game, Uno, and opened our stockings!

Dessert: white chocolate mousse and a chocolate cake (gotta have a birthday cake for Jesus!) Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank You for all of your blessings!

Christmas morning!

Christmas spread! Charcuterie board as always:) My Dad In law baked lasagna, crabs, roast pork belly (lechon belly) for dinner! Hubs Auntie/Uncle also joined us for dinner! We don’t get to see them often, so it is always special when they visit. Thanks to our family for their generosity and thoughtfulness, we appreciate the gifts especially for the kids!

Snowflake Lane, STK dinner!

Hi friends! We did the Snowflake Lane Christmas parade in Bellevue,WA earlier this week. We watched it together with friends (the last time we watched it was 5 years ago). It’s not really worth it for me but the kids enjoyed the parade and that’s all that matters. We had dinner after at STK steakhouse, we’ve dined here before and it was an OK experience, but this time it was great! We ordered the aged porterhouse and we were all happy with the steak. It was a little indulgent as this steakhouse was pricey!

I’m glad that we got to do this because I’m trying to enjoy the holiday season and not get too stressed. The kids wanted to do this, so this is one of our bucket list items this week!HA

Last Sunday, We had our Church’s kids Christmas show and Mia was one of the angels! Matthew had a little role too!HA..All the kids in the Sunday classes got on stage to sing some Christmas songs (In a Manger, etc.)

Have a wonderful rest of your evening friends! Stay safe and take care:)

Hot Pot night, Wonka!

Hi Friends! It’s been a busy day for us here. Mia joined our Church’s Christmas program and they had a dress rehearsal today! They’re all so precious and she’s so excited to perform tomorrow(she invited family and friends!). My sis will be spending the holidays with us and she arrived today! Hubs had the airport duty while I was at church this morning. Then this evening we had hotpot dinner at our friend’s house! It was fun dinner! I love hotpot/shabu shabu.

We got Crumbl cookies for dessert! Mia got so excited to see the Wonka cookie, we watched the new Wonka movie yesterday and she enjoyed it, her fave part was Umpa Lumpa!HA

A little family selfie before the Wonka movie:)

It’s been a busy Saturday but we had lots of fun with our church friends, Mia gave the teachers that are helping them with the Christmas performance her gifts. We are trying to teach her to be generous and think of others/show them appreciation.

Have a great weekend friends and stay safe/healthy!

Cooking at Home!

Hi friends! Happy Friday:) It’s been a wet, cold, rainy week in my neighborhood. We are just doing our regular routines like homeschooling, walking outside, cooking at home, decluttering! One of my goals is to cook and eat most of our meals at home/lessen our take outs (we do Friday takeouts!). I’m proud to say that we just did that this week! I tried to simplify our meals this month because I just don’t have the desire to be cooking and cleaning most evenings.

We had a Costco trip last week and got some basic groceries like bread, cheese, etc. I plan to go to Trader Joes this weekend to get my groceries for the week. I’m also monitoring our grocery budget this month, so for the first week we are on track!HA

Costco Trip

Tortellini soup
Chicken wings
Spicy braised chicken (Korean recipe)
Steak Bites with mushrooms
grilled tuna belly
leftovers tuna belly/veggies in coconut milk
We had Pakistani food tonight! Biryani and Paneer while the kids had Pizza

Our breakfasts are usually eggs/toast/cereals/banana bread

Lunches are leftovers/salad/sandwiches/snack food/charcuterie/cheese board

DIL stopped by this week and got us bagels!

This week, we are doing good with our “walk challenge”, despite the rain and cold!

Slow morning this week! While preparing for breakfast kids get to watch cartoons!


Have a wonderful and restful weekend friends! Stay safe and take care:)

Late Birthday Dinner!

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday:) We had a delicious late Birthday dinner with the In Laws yesterday. My In laws gifted us the steaks and crabs! Thanks to my generous family!HA Hubs sous vide the steaks, they were so tender! My Mom In law baked Hub’s favorite carrot cake too!

Steaks, crab cakes, twice Baked potatoes, dumplings
with my Lovie Mia boo
Cake time!

Matthew and I enjoying a cozy Sunday morning. He is just the cutest:) Truly a Mamas boy!

Mia joined our Church’s Kids Christmas program. We got there a little early so we hung out in the car for a few minutes!HA..She is my little fashionista:)

Have a great evening friends! Stay safe and take care:) Talk soon!

Hello December!

Hi friends! December is finally here and usually it feels like things will be very hectic and next thing I know it’s the New year! I want to enjoy this season by simplifying our Christmas activities. Hubs and I are intentional in telling the kids the real reason why we are celebrating Christmas. Our Savior’s birth! I’ve simplified our decors and have no plans to buy more decorations. We are happy with our fresh tree and wreath we got at the Christmas tree farm. I will buy poinsettias (it’s a must have holiday flower/plant for me) in the coming days, and that would be it .

We have an advent calendar Bible reading from our church, we plan to do that. I also got the kids cheap advent calendars from Trader Joes, so they get a little treat after we talk about Jesus’s Birth.

Mia will be joining our Church’s kids Christmas presentation, so we are excited to see her perform!HA. We were also invited (by our realtor) to watch the new Wonka movie this month, families were invited. We will also watch the Christmas lights display around our neighborhood/near neighboring cities.

I’ve seen lots of December decluttering challenges all over social media, I think I will join them because it’s really fun for me and inspiring to see other families declutter and simplify their homes/lives. I did one kitchen drawer earlier. That was a good start. Nothing big but little actions like these give me a boost!HA

We will continue to do our family walks this month. Mia is not a big fan already because she complains about the weather.

We had pizza after our walk. We like that we have restaurants within walking distance of our house so we get to do things like this.

Have a great Friday night friends. We will play some Uno and other game cards before we call it a night here. Stay safe and take care:)