Late Birthday Dinner!

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday:) We had a delicious late Birthday dinner with the In Laws yesterday. My In laws gifted us the steaks and crabs! Thanks to my generous family!HA Hubs sous vide the steaks, they were so tender! My Mom In law baked Hub’s favorite carrot cake too!

Steaks, crab cakes, twice Baked potatoes, dumplings
with my Lovie Mia boo
Cake time!

Matthew and I enjoying a cozy Sunday morning. He is just the cutest:) Truly a Mamas boy!

Mia joined our Church’s Kids Christmas program. We got there a little early so we hung out in the car for a few minutes!HA..She is my little fashionista:)

Have a great evening friends! Stay safe and take care:) Talk soon!

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