Last Day of September!

Hi Friends! Today we had an impromptu playdate with Mia’s BFF at the park! It was such a nice fall day to catch up with friends.

We had a late start today and overslept! It was nice to have a slow day after such a busy week. Yesterday, we checked our local Salmon hatchery and the kids had fun watching salmon swimming home to spawn.

After our playdate earlier,we decided to order pizza and have a relaxing night.

I baked banana bread for breakfast tomorrow before church. I like mine paired with coffee while the rest of the family have it with milk.

It was a happy mail day for me! Matthew and Hubs suffer from eczema every now and then (it’s so much better lately) so we used this brand of soap before, they had a sale weeks ago so I stocked up. I think we are good till next year in the soap department:)

I’ve been wanting to get some walking shoes with good support for a while now. None of my sneakers right now give me that. I’m still in my low spend and intentional buying but I will not sacrifice foot comfort!HA! Hubs has been encouraging me to just get a pair, and I finally did! Originally I got a HOKA Bondi but I didn’t like the look and find them too bulky. I got the Hoka Mach 5 and so far I like the support and how it looks. The lighting in our kitchen is not flattering, it’s a pretty white color. I’m excited to use them on my morning walk!

Here’s a better look!

I hope your September was great friends! Stay safe and Take care:) Talk soon.

Morning Walks, new windows!

Hello Friends! Happy Friday:) I’m looking forward to a weekend that’s peaceful as we’ve had busy and noisy days here. We had new windows installed all over the house so it’s been loud during the removal / installation and workers getting in and out of the house. We had to move our furniture, so the house was a total disaster! They are done aside from our sliding door so they will be back in couple of weeks (wrong door measurements!).

We’ve been enjoying our morning walks this week too. It’s so nice to see fall colors around our neighborhood, enjoying crisp air while getting exercise:) We live in a beautiful area and I can’t help but be so thankful that we get to enjoy this part of the state. Thank You Lord!

While waiting for the school bus, Mia found a friend:)

Mia got to have a Grandpa/Mia date! They had hot coco and a little shopping after:) She was so excited to hangout with Papa! They brought us cookies after.

Mia’s been into painting this week!

Have a great rest of your Friday friends! This weekend we plan to visit our community’s salmon hatchery, continue to declutter, and organize our kids room.

Take Care and Stay Safe!

Happy Fall!

Hi Friends! Happy First day of Fall (yesterday!). Yesterday, we visited our local farmers market and got fruit, veggies and pastries. It was nice because it wasn’t so crowded and the weather was perfect! One of my favorites to buy at the market are the affordable yet pretty flowers.

I enjoyed an almond croissant(from framers market) with coffee this morning before Church.

An exciting thing happened this week, Matthew started riding the school bus! We are so glad that he liked it and didn’t make a fuss. My little man is growing too fast!

My BIL and nephews were visiting Seattle this week and they stayed for 2 days with us! It was a short but fun visit:) The kids had fun playing with their Uncle and teenager cousins!HA

See Yah Later! Goodbyes are always sad:(

My decluttering journey continues this week. Our hallway leading to the garage was a mess, it’s random stuff like food boxes and a coat rack. I donated the rack and put the food boxes in the garage pantry. Thanks to my Hubs who took the donations to our local center.

Feels so spacious here!

Have a wonderful Sunday friends! Talk later:)

After a Busy Summer!

Hello Friends! It’s been a busy past couple of weeks for us here. Lots of things going on, like Matthew’s birthday and he’s back to school now. We started our second year homeschooling Mia, and my sister is back to the east coast! Hubs got sick and is doing some new projects with work, but now he’s got his energy back and we are settling into our fall routine!

I made a little charcuterie board for Matthews Bday, we had burgers (and fix ins!) ordered Mac and Cheese because the kids like it:) Hubs baked a burnt basque cheesecake and we got Matthew’s birthday cake from our local super market.

We prepared steak and lobster dinner for my sisters last night with us! YUM!

We’ve been enjoying Fall weather here, flowers and fall candles are two of my favorites decorations in my cozy house! The hydrangeas are from the yard and Dahlias from Trader Joes!

Mia enjoying one fall morning!

Have a great Tuesday night friends! About to relax here (watch an episode of Kdrama) then start preparing dinner! Talk later:)