Hi Friends! Earlier this month, we celebrated our 16th wedding Anniversary! Hubs and I got married in New York, one spring Saturday afternoon! We thank God for all the blessings and guidance in our relationship! We went out for dinner to celebrate at Prime Steakhouse in Redmond while my In laws watched the kids:) Dinner was great! We indulged a little and got steaks/lobster/Foie gras/steak tartare!

We didn’t give any gifts to each other, as we have travel plans in the coming months!HA.

Have a wonderful rest of your evening friends! Take Care and Stay Safe!

Spring Breaks Over!

Hi Friends! I’ve been off here for a while. The kids had spring break and Hubs was out of town last week (he’s back now). We’ve been sick (.cough/colds/runny noses) and just starting to feeling normal now. During the break, we went to Seattle and visited the Pacific Science Center! Kids had great time, our favorite was the laser show and the dinosaur exhibit:) We really want to take the kids to places like this for experiences. They love to explore and discover things, Washington state has a lot of places like museums, science centers, and exhibits I’ve noticed.

Lots of park time, play dough, games and we even watched the Kung Fu Panda 4 movie! We don’t go to the movies often because it’s really expensive now (smallest popcorn is $9) and kids/matinee is like $8-9! HA. I wanted to surprise the kids while Daddy was away. It was worth it:)

I hope you are having a great week friends! Take Care and stay safe!

Easter 2024

Hi friends! I hope you had a blessed Easter with your family and friends celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus! Thank You Jesus for what you’ve done on the cross for our sake. We attended good Friday service and Easter Sunday service at our church. They also had a Spring Kids festival, lots of fun things going on like bouncy houses, a little petting zoo, and egg hunting! It was a busy weekend for sure!

We had Easter dinner at our house with my In laws! DIL prepared the HAM (we loved it!), We had the usual sides of potato gratin, asparagus, and mac n’ cheese. Before dinner we had a mini egg hunt in the yard for the kids (as if they need more goodies!HA). I decided not to give any Easter baskets for the kids this year. They really don’t need anything (Grandparents gave them chocolate bunnies and stickers).

Spring Kids Festival at Church!

I made this lox dip (it was YUM!)

We have a brand new month Friends! Have a great rest of your evening. Stay Safe and Take Care!