New York Trip!

Hi Friends! Last month we went to New York city to visit my sister and see the city again after our last visit 5 years ago! New York will always have a special place for us because this is where Hubs and I got married 16 years ago. We didn’t have a lot of things planned for this trip except for visiting the American Girl doll store for Mia. She was so excited to be there, we bought her two dolls with us so we could have their hair “fixed” because their hair was a disaster. Thanks to my sister who spoiled Mia so she could have her dolls experience the “Salon” treatment at the store!HA

We did enjoy the usual spots like Central Park, Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, etc!

In our last full day, we went back to the American Girl store to have lunch at their cafe! It was closed already when we finished with the salon experience. Mia really wanted to try dining in their cafe, the food was OK! Nothing special, Mia had fun dining with the dolls though:)

Going back home to Seattle, our Delta crew invited the kids to visit the cockpit and Mia was so amazed! That was a special experience for the kids!

Till Next time NYC!