Late Birthday Party!

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday:) Yesterday, we had a late Birthday party with Mia and her friends. She wanted to have it in a bouncy play center but it was fully booked during her birthday weekend, thus we had a late celebration yesterday. The Kids had fun and Mia really enjoyed her party. Thanks to all her friends and family for spending time with us.

After we got home and settled, I did my walk around the neighborhood. It was such a nice fall day!

This was our family walk last Friday evening. Spiderman was having fun with us.HA!

I hope you’re having a restful weekend friends. Stay safe and Take Care!


Hi Friends! It’s been raining most of the day here (Hailed too!) so we’ve been hanging out at home. We did a quick little family walk but it was really cold too and the kids started whining to make it short!

View this morning from one of the bedroom. SO pretty:)

With all the rain we’ve been having these past couple of days. Mia is working on her legos that she got for her birthday! She finished this boat/yacht one.

We still tried to go to the park despite the cold….

A little cake pop treat this week!

I got pretty pink roses this weekend too. I have no fall decorations inside the house, with my decluttering lately I have no desire to add more decorations . I’m pretty happy with my fall candles and fresh flowers!

Last weekend, our neighborhood had a halloween event for the kids. We participated and the kids had a blast! The line was so long and we waited for an hour to get inside.

Going strong with our walk challenge, this was last week’s and loving the view!

Tonight I made pasta/shrimp, something quick and easy!

Have a great Wednesday night friends. Stay safe and take care!

Mushrooms around the neighborhood, budget meal!

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday:) Yesterday, Mia and I had our walk challenge and we had fun looking for different mushrooms around the neighborhood. We were pleasantly surprised at the different varieties. I don’t think they’re edible!

The landscape teams have started to clean our streets so it was kinda sad to see some dead looking trees and Mia said winter will be here soon! We really enjoyed all the fall trees around us.

Last night, I made this Baked potato with tuna sriracha mayo. I saw this from a BBC magazine I borrowed from the library (online). Very affordable and Hubs approved! He likes tuna sandwiches so I thought he might like this.

We went to Costco today! Prices are still up,what else is new!Boooo…

Hubs and I shared Costco sushi, while the kids had pizza! We had leftover sushi and oxtail stew for dinner tonight.

Kids enjoyed the sunshine today at the park while I did my walk challenge (I did the park loop a couple of times). What a beautiful fall day:)

I hope you have a great Wednesday friends. Stay safe and take care! Lots of craziness going on out there.

Rainy Monday!

Hi Friends! It’s been a rainy Monday here but I still did my #30walkchallenge after the school bus picked up Matthew! It was nice to walk around the neighborhood though, listening to the raindrops. The rest of the morning we did homeschool, baked cookies, decluttered, laundry, etc.

After the walk, I made homemade Bacon, egg, and cheese muffin! Hubs and I enjoyed it with coffee/milk! We will probably do it again this week because we have all of the ingredients.

We had last nights leftover beef teriyaki for lunch today.

I cooked Oxtail in peanut sauce for dinner tonight. It’s not really cooking if I used the crockpot ­čÖé HA! I’m trying to not use my gas stove when I’m braising oxtail meat because it will take hours. I’m trying to lessen our gas bill this month. It turned out great and Hubs approved!

Oxtail (we call this Kare-Kare in Philippines), Paired with garlic fried rice and shrimp paste:)

Oxtail with peanut sauce and veggies like green beans,bokchoy and eggplant.

Hubs is painting our window trimmings tonight. So it’s just the kids and me right now. We are enjoying Bluey and some Disney shows! Very exciting Monday night.

Have a restful Monday night friends! Stay safe and Take care:)

Errand Day!

Hi Friends! Today we had a slow Saturday (sort of), Hubs needed to get something from Home depot (it’s a family affair!HA), then we did a little shopping from our local Safeway to get the basics for the week (milk, eggs, bread, etc). The kids loved looking at the Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations at Home Depot.

I did my walk challenge today, while Hubs watched the kids! Leaves are falling already in some parts of our neighborhood.

We ordered pizza and meatballs tonight.

We are watching Lost You Forever! It’s a Chinese drama that our Chinese friend highly recommends!

I baked Banana bread because the kids requested “banana cake”!

Yesterday, Nana and Papa visited and played with the kids! Thankful for my In laws for taking their time to see and invest memories with them.

Last Thursday was such a nice fall day, we had a long walk and took lots of fall pictures!

We had a blast discovering different kinds of mushrooms in our area!

I made Japanese Pork Katsu yesterday, Hubs approved:)

I hope you are having a great evening friends! Stay safe and Take Care:)

Playdate, Rain, Family walk!

Hi Friends! We had a playdate at our community center this morning. It was nice to see other kids in our neighborhood playing/singing!

Breakfast together this morning! It’s been raining and getting cold here.

We wanted to have a family walk but it started pouring! So we ended up going to Wingstop for dinner!HA. The rain stopped so I ended up going for a walk alone.

Hubs got treats for the kids!

Love this time of year. So pretty:) #day11 of my 30 day walk challenge.

This was our family walk yesterday. Somebody got tired!HA

Talk later and Take care!

Salmon Days and Family Dinner!

Hi Friends! This past weekend our City had a big 2 day event to celebrate the salmon returning home to spawn…. We enjoyed the fair like food (lots of different cuisines) but we got the Mexican corn (elote), korean cheese dog and refreshing lemonade! The big hit for the kids was the cotton candy character! Mia picked Ducky:) I’m still thinking of my Korean Cheese dog!HA

How Pretty is this tree!

Sunday morning Matthew was still showing signs of his cold, so we decided to keep him back from church. We decided to get an early start on the birthday celebration prep. The whole family went to the Asian market to get groceries and we stopped by at our favorite bakery. Hubs really liked their egg tarts:) We wanted to cook crispy orange beef and sweet and sour garlic shrimp for Mia’s birthday dinner with my In laws (most of the ingredients we need are from the Asian market).

We really enjoyed the food. Crispy Orange Beef was a HIT! I made pork belly humba and my DIL loved it:) Mia got lots of love and attention this week! Thanks to our families for their generosity. We appreciate all of your thoughtfulness. Mia said this was the best birthday ever! Thank God we had a great weekend celebrating her.

Mia and I did our 30daywalkchallenge! Today was Day 9!

Have a great Monday evening friends! Take Care:)

Happy Birthday Mia!

Hi Friends! Mia had her birthday this week and we had fun celebrating her:) We had fun shopping, a special lunch date, and dinner at a nice restaurant. We started the day with a McDonalds breakfast and donuts! She facetimed families and they’re all so excited for her.

Mommy and Mia birthday walk! HA! Day6 of my #30daywalkchallenge and she wanted to go with me! We love taking pictures of the fall beauties around our neighborhood!

Shopping and lunch date! I got her some new dresses, pens, and lipgloss!

She requested steak for dinner! So off we go to John Howie Steak. It was a great dinner but a little stressful because Matthew got antsy after he was done eating while we were still enjoying ours.HA! This is why we’ve avoided going out to dinner for so long, he is good for like an hour or two! But we made it:)

We got there a little early so we walked around the place and got some Bobba drinks!

Mia got Fillet Mignon and fries! I got Fillet Mignon Oscar style too:)

She opened one gift from her Auntie when we got home. Thanks to our families for sending their birthday gifts to Mia!

Happy Birthday, Mia! Thank You God for blessing us with her:)

Take Care friends and have a great rest of your weekend!

Walking Challenge

Hi Friends! We had a family walk/biked with the kids this afternoon, and it was so nice outside. Next week will be rainy so we will enjoy these next couple of days full of fall sunshine. I’m still going strong with my #30daywalkingchallenge that I sort of follow. Day 4 going strong!HA

I did some major decluttering yesterday again! That was great:)

We had our sliding door removed and updated. It was a mess of a day but they’re done now!

We’ve been playing memory match games most nights. Mia is always winning. She has a great memory:)

We had spaghetti and Jalape├▒os poppers (hubs fave) and grilled shrimps for dinner. I’m also trying to minimize eating out/take out this month. Eating out is getting so expensive so we are trying to lessen that.

Have a great rest of your evening friends! Stay safe:)

Autumn in the Air!

Hi Friends! Happy October:) It’s been a rainy Monday here in the Pacific Northwest. I did a little walk today while waiting for Matthews drop off. I’m seeing some 30 Day walk/October walk challenge on social media, not “officially” joining the challenge but it does inspire me to exercise/walk. So far, so good!HA

We did our first October grocery shopping this morning. Prices are still ridiculous! I’m also tracking our grocery expenses this month, our grocery bills were high this past summer (so this month I will really take note!).

I took a pic of this pretty tree in our park during my walk!

First soup of the season. French Onion soup! It was a hit for the Hubs:)

More pics of pretty trees during my walk yesterday!

Hubs baked pumpkin spice bread! Winner recipe:)

I did more decluttering this evening, so that felt good!

Have a great rest of your Evening friends! Going to bed here soon:) Take care!