Free Flowers!

Hello Friends! Happy weekend:) It’s friday night here (10 pm). It’s been a nice,warm week here so we’ve been enjoying our yard and picking flowers that we have like hydrangeas and phlox. They’ve been blooming really well so far! My roses are giving me life too (I counted and there are 4o plus blossoms there!)

Kids made cupcakes for my brother’s birthday!

My pretty flowers that I’m currently enjoying right now!

Chatter is that we will have another lockdown (we belong to a blue state). So I’m really thinking of stocking up our pantry. August I plan to just do that:) I will share what I do here! We went shopping at Trader Joe’s and stocked up on some goodies.

Five Guys after grocery shopping!

Lots of reading this morning! This is their fave lately:)

More pics of my flowers because they’re so pretty!

Camano Island

Last Saturday, Hubs was feeling spontaneous and asked if we wanted to go to Camano Island. I’ve never been there, so of course I said YES! It’s an hour and half drive from our place, Hubs doesn’t mind driving because he enjoys listening to his audiobook while driving (he’s listening to the Wheel of Time series).

We checked out Camano Island State park and let the kids play in the water. The water temperature was great. We had the place to ourselves (mostly). Mia floated and got to hold a starfish and Matthew was fascinated with a dead crab!HA

Mia got to play in one of their parks called “the freedom park”, then it was back to the house.

Stopped by in their local grocery and got some GT kombucha drinks that Hubs likes. They had lots of different flavors/selections that we don’t have in our local stores. We got some coffee at the Camano Island Coffee Roaster (I loved the coffee Hubs got me).

Love making sweet memories with my little fam! Looking forward to visiting more state parks in the future. Have a great Wednesday evening friends:)

Berry Picking

Yesterday, we had a fun time at my Hub’s Aunt’s house and picked berries! They have lots of raspberry and blueberry plants. They have the best property because it’s like living in the country where they can have a big garden/massive property and yet still close enough to restaurants and shops if you need that city life:) I asked and it’s a 5 minutes drive and you’re in a busy town. I love their place, I wouldn’t mind having that kind of property in the future.

He’s been snacking here and eating the good stuff right away!HA

They also had Zucchini and different types of squash! They’re so generous with their produce:)

Mia had a great time and is so spoiled whenever she visits there!

After picking, we had a little snacks and get to hangout and catch up with everyone.

After Berry picking, Hubs wanted to visit this pizza place that was recommended by a friend! GREAT pizza:) Cravings satisfied!

Fried mozzarella
I portioned and stored the berries right away! Almost 4 lbs of berries. This will be perfect for smoothies, oatmeals, ice cream,dessert!

It’s been a slow Monday here friends, we’ve had a busy weekend of fun! Going to prepare dinner here (meatballs/pasta) something quick. I hope you’re having a good week. Kids and I made cupcakes earlier because it’s my brothers birthday (he’s in the Phillipines) Mia is really excited to decorate! HA. Happy Birthday Kuya:) Have a good one, Love you!

Defy Seattle

Hi friends! The kids were invited to a birthday celebration in DEFY Seattle, it’s an indoor trampoline park! It was our first time to be there and they had so much fun. The place was huge and I was surprised that it was crowded for a weekday morning. Both kids had a great time and I was happy that they get to burn their energy because they were napping the whole afternoon when we got home!HA

After all the jumping and bouncing, we decided to go to Jollibee (Filipino fastfood) near the area and shop for some filipino products! Kids loved their spaghetti and chicken joy.

The freaking line is so long as usual! WHY? Waited for 30 mins to get our orders and another 20 mins for our food. Mia was so “kilig” though because 2 Jollibee workers complimented her, saying she looks like a “manika” haha. I have to tell her to just say thank you and appreciate the compliment. They can’t get over her lashes:)

Somebody misses Riley and was super clingy when we got home.

Kids are napping right now and Hubs got me coffee and lemon cake this afternoon! Thanks, GA:) so I’m about to read a book and enjoy my Friday treats! Take care friends!

Gnome Trail Park

Hubs and I really want to do more hiking and expose the kids to nature and seeing God’s beautiful creation. Mia is showing interest in hiking lately and we will do our best to do that for her. She loves being outside (I’m so opposite!) HA. This past weekend we went to see the Gnome Trail/Park because it’s a quick trail and we wanted to see the Maple Valley farmers market too (they’re in the same area). The trail was recommended by a neighborhood mom. The trail is not stroller friendly, UGH! Hubs and I had to take turns pushing Matthew. He did so well though, so no big deal.

Pulled pork Mac and Cheese!YUM
Mixed berry lemonade!

After strolling the Farmer’s Market, Mia wanted to see and play in a park. Lake Wilderness Park was just a mile(or two) away so we did stop and let them play for an hour. It was a tiring day but the kids had so much fun,so that makes us happy!

Mia pretending she’s going for a hike this morning!HA

Going to get ready for bed here friends! Have a good night:)

Birthday weekend!

We celebrated my Sis In Laws birthday today! Happy Birthday Juju, we had fun celebrating you today:) We ordered BBQ food from a local restaurant here in the neighborhood! Food was great and everybody got to bring leftovers after. Lots of family time, Mia had a great time and Matthew loved petting all the dogs!HA

Candy (Zach’s Auntie) gave us Dahlias and fresh raspberry from her garden. I love it so much, so pretty! What a thoughtful gift. Her raspberries are so much better than the farmers market!HA

My Plate!
Banana Ice cream cake! creamy and moist:)
With the Birthday Girl!
Love Dahlias so much:)

Random pic today: Love my new Lenox table cover that I got this weekend:)

Have a lovely Sunday night friends. It’s been a busy weekend here and I’m so tired and ready for bed. Goodnight!

Farmer’s Market

We finally got to visit our local farmers market after almost 2 years of not being in one. Although less vendors were out because they still have to maintain the space (not a lot of people are wearing masks but the market encourages people to still wear masks) but summer energy was surely there. Lots of families and people are not social distancing anymore (in my observations) and I LOVE IT!

Before we got to the market we did have some car drama Saturday morning, both of our cars were dead! UGH! Good thing our neighbor was there to help us jumpstart Zach’s car. It worked great but this morning (Sunday) it’s dead again, so off to the car shop it goes. We’ll hear more about it tomorrow and figure out what we need to do this week. It’s 16 years old but still serving us well aside from this weekend’s episode.

She got to have her fave popcorn!
This was yum!

We got to see our friends this weekend too, we had a fun time at the beach around their area. So nice to see them and catch up. Mia had the best time in the water with the kids.

It’s going to be a busy week with us, a charity group will pick up donations around our neighborhood and I plan to donate some of the things I’ve decluttered. We have dental appointments too. Off to bed here friends! Have a goodnight:)


I spent a little time in our yard today,so I got a chance to take pics of my pretty hydrangeas and day lily. I did a little weeding and arranging too! Hubs and I have lots of plans for our little yard in the coming years. I love spending time here especially when birds are chirping, so peaceful!

I took the kids out for biking/scooter/playdate with our neighbors. Our kids are the same ages so we do have things in common (they’re immigrants too).

After playdate and Lunch, the kids napped and I got to finish my book about homemaking/frugality! I signed up for kindle unlimited for the next 3 months (free for now). Will decide around October and see if this is worth it.

Hubs requested “snacky” lunch! Fruits and crackers it is:)

Portioning our fave breakfast sausage

Dinner was Pizza from a new restaurant in our area. Duck confit, goat cheese, pistachio nuts,okonomi sauce. So Good! We had Mac and Cheeses , Pretzels too!

Have a great Friday evening friends!

Our 4th of July

We had such a busy 4th of July weekend these past days! Lots of family time! We watched fireworks (first time for both kids), swimming at the lake, playdate with the neighbor kids plus the everyday work in the house. All fun but I need days to recover, HA!

We had hotdogs, corn and salads for our 4th of July gathering. Kids spent time in the kiddie pool and had sparklers after. Mia loved it:)

We took the kids to watch a fireworks display in Snoqualmie and they both liked it so much, especially Matthew who was clapping and saying “wow” nonstop. It was special:) Mia complained that it was too loud. Mom failed to bring ear protection for their little ears. Next time we’ll have to bring it. It was great to see everybody having lots of family time and friends gathering to celebrate America! Thankful for the country and the opportunities we have here. It is not perfect but there aren’t many other countries where we would choose to live and raise our family. Praying to God for wisdom in raising our children for America’s future.

Beaver Lake, Washington State
Chicken adobo! I’m in saving mode so gotta bring dinner (instead of grabbing take out) HA!
my little fam enjoying the water
Ice cream after swimming

To end this post let me show you my Pink Hydrangea that I’m so excited about! HA I’ve waited all year for this. I love it, so pretty:)

Happy Birthday Riley!

Riley turned 11 years old today! He’s such a sweet and loyal dog to us. He barks like crazy and it’s annoying everybody but we’ll keep him!HA. We had brownies and gave him treats today.

The day we got him! He was so tiny here:)

the Birthday boy this afternoon!

My Hubs calls him “your shadow” because he’s with me wherever I go! late night feeding here with Matthew and he keeps me company:)
Napping buddy always with the kids!

I pray he will have many more years with us. He’s 11 now and typically life span of a mini schnauzer is around 15-17 years old. He’s still very playful and likes to do things with us and thinks he’s a puppy! We love you Riley:)