Happy Valentines!

Hello friends! Happy Valentines day, I hope its a great one for you and your loved ones! We stayed home today, but this weekend the Hubs and I will go have dinner and the grandparents will watch our Boo! This is our 11 years together in celebrating  Vday! We normally keep our Valentines celebration simple. My hubs asked me if I wanted something for Vday, and told him I really don’t want anything. No flowers, chocolates. I prepared Filipino Escabeche (sweet and sour whole fish), Ribeye Steak, then we had hot chocolate to end the night!

Weekend Fun!

Hello Friends! Our little Mia Boo had a cough this week so we stayed home, except to do some grocery shopping. Aside from the cough, she’s good, but we still called her Pediatrician just to be sure. I discovered that she likes the baby Vicks! It’s the non-medicated ointment, so no worries! I swear she naps easily after I put a little on her chest and neck! Or maybe it’s just a coincidence? Who knows! I still find it funny…my sisters were laughing when I told them about it. I had to take a picture and show them. HA!

The Hubs got us cupcakes to enjoy this weekend!

More cuddles with my Boo! I love our photo bomber too..Love my Puss!

This weekend, My MIL Kathy’s friend Linda gave Mia some gifts since she couldn’t make it to the shower! So thoughtful and kind!


Yummy Mexican food for us! We usually do take out on the weekends:)

Went to the Asian Market and got out favorite yogurt! This is the best one out there.

Have a great evening friends!

Weekend Fun!

Hello friends! Hope you were able to relax and enjoy your weekend! We watched the Superbowl at Grandmas place. She is a big football fan and loves the Seahawks (but I think she was cheering on the Pats yesterday!). The hubs and I could care less about football ( I prefer basketball) but it was fun hanging out with the family and enjoy the crazy game!

Mia’s cute #ootd courtesy from Grandma and Grandpa!
Greatgrandma Jean and my adoring Gma Kathy and auntie Juju
Yummy Pizza
we had cupcakes to celebrate Mia’s 4 months!

Mia Boo wasn’t in the mood to blow her candle!hehe

We had a snow day today (Monday) and we took some pictures with Mia but didn’t get around to building a snowman! When she’s a little older though, we’ll have lots of fun in the snow for sure! Zach and Riley, however, did spend some time outside today enjoying the snow!

He can’t wait to play outside!

Happy 4 months Mia Boo! we love you Boo:)

January Happenings!

Hello Friends! I know it’s so cliche but “where did the time go?”! I can’t believe it’s already February now and the first month of the year is gone! January was quiet/uneventful in our corner of the world. We mostly spent it at home, taking care of our little Mia Boo! Mia went to her first birthday party of her cousin, Warren.  He turned two this last weekend! We also got to hangout with our friends, where we enjoyed a Mexican dinner and played a card game.

Mia at her cousins bday party!
The face you make when your furbaby wants attention too!
“attempting” our first family walk! freezing cold,so it was a short one!i’m one #fashionvictim…
Riley wants attention too! he’s been good with her so far*

My MIL Kathy has been watching Mia every Wednesday so I can have some free/alone time! She is such a blessing. I’ve spent it napping, doing errands/ going to my fave stores (homegoods,starbucks!).

we watched the Inauguration too!

Went to Church  twice and Mia has been good, not giving us a hard time! Praying this will continue because we really don’t want to skip Church this February!

Yes, she’s in her PJs!hehe


The Hubs and I haven’t been on a date night since Mia was born (I think), so it’s been take outs and Netflix most of our date nights! It’s fine with us as we (ME mostly!!) are home bodies and love to have loungey weekends!

we love Ramen, especially authentic ramen!
carne asada steak nachos from our fave mexican place!

Enjoyed some Dimsum with my Inlaws after church!

Hubby baked some goodies this January too!

molasses cookies
Blueberry Muffins

I hope you all had a good January and thanks for visiting friends! I’m about to watch some Netflix with the Hubs and enjoy our Saturday night!