Linguine with Shrimp Scampi

Hello Friends! I wanted to share a simple but delicious recipe that I prepared tonight. It’s Ina Garten’s Shrimp Scampi recipe ( ). This dish will be perfect in the summertime, fresh lemons and pasta!YUM 🙂 The kids had meatballs and linguine because they’re not eating shrimp right now.

This is the best pasta brand we’ve tried!

We had a quiet day at home today! With all the crazy things going on right now, making our home cozy and happy is what we chose to do. Read our Bibles and praying for our country!

Hearty Breakfast before we start our day! Eggs and Potatoes!

Mia loving her lessons for today! She’s into matching type of lessons, puzzles and building houses and cars with her magna tiles. As of this week, she wants to be a house builder when she grows up! Last week, she wants to be a doctor:) Love my Mia Boo she’s such a creative little girl!

Talk later Friends! Stay safe:)

Meal Ideas

Hello Friends! Happy Monday:) I did a little inventory of my freezers/Ref and pantry today. I really want to minimize food waste in my home, if not eliminate it entirely, and save money by being intentional with what we buy and eat. It starts with me because I’m the keeper of our house and prepare our food most of the time. My Hubs sometimes cooks on the weekends, he bakes our bread and treats! I don’t like baking! HA

We have more than enough food stored up here (Thank You, Jesus!), and will probably just need to get milk and fresh produce to supplement our meals. My list will come in handy this time. I’ve been looking around for simple and family friendly meals online (tons on Pinterest!).

Hubs baked us bread last night and it was good. He really wanted to use his new baking gadgets that he got last Christmas.

bread in a pullman loaf pan

Meal Plan/Ideas this week:

We had Slow cooker Barbacoa beef tacos tonight (last night too). We don’t mind leftovers lately because it just make our lives easy come dinner time.

Roast Duck (

Salad with leftover roast duck meat.

Chili (leftovers are in the freezer for future meals)

Baked Mussels! So Good:)

Oxtail in Peanut sauce (kare-kare in the Philippines). Comfort food for me that I try to make once a month.

Happy Cooking friends! Stay safe:)

Weekend Fun!

Hello Friends! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had a nice couple of sunny days here so we spent time in our neighborhood park. Kids love it for just running around. Mia also started her soccer class. It was supposed to start last year but was delayed due to Covid, since the guidelines keep on changing. She was so excited to play soccer (she knows her Daddy use to play a lot of soccer). It was fun to see her being competitive with the other kids!HA

Oh Riley!

We also went to do our grocery at another city (35 minutes drive), we live in an area where the closest grocery store is 4 mins drive! Just for a change, see another area, get cheaper groceries! I was happy with our savings:)

We paid $145
some produce we got!

Our little soccer player and her friends! It was a tiring day for her and she had a self imposed nap with Riley!HA.

Have a great day friends! Stay safe:)


Hello Friends! Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, with the holidays and the craziness in the world plus my blog was acting up I just didn’t have the energy to post things here. Hubs fixed my blog issues and hopefully things will be better now. Anyways, Happy New year friends! I pray that you all are safe and healthy. We are doing great here, it’s been rainy, cold, gray in our side so we are cozying up at home. We play games, read books, watch shows (just finished COBRA KAI!HA).

We had a wonderful Christmas and New years with our family. Lots of food and family time. We are excited with the coming New year because Hubs and I have goals that we want to achieve! We continue to pray for Gods wisdom as we pursue them.

Here’s some pictures of our holidays!

Mia wanted to have a hot cocoa bar!
Thank You to Aery for helping her!
Christmas spread
Roast pork belly
Hot Coco Bar for our friends!
Idaho Friends visiting us!
New Years Eve dinner!
Playing Puzzle (a gift from Aery/Auntie)
Helping me in the kitchen!

Talk to you later Friends! Blessings:)