Tortang talong/eggplant fritters/omelette

Tortang talong or Eggplant omelette is a popular dish in PI.  Growing up I remember they are always in our school cafeteria.  I think it’s cheap yet delicious.  It’s so easy to make but one needs patience to prepare this dish.  You need to roast, peel, fry the eggplant!  Last week we went to the asian market here in WA so I saw these eggplants and the only way I have eggplant is if it is prepared this way (I’m not picky eater, promise!).  The grilling part is not my fave, but this is a very important part of the cooking process, after that stage it’s like you’re almost done:)

Roast/grill eggplants! Think like you're roasting red peppers..

It was kinda raining outside so I had to do it inside!  HA! even if it’s not raining I’d rather grill it this way, easy to “control” the eggplant and I can adjust the heat:)

after grilling, told you just like peppers!
skin/peel eggplants..
flatten the eggplant using a fork!

I used garlic sea salt and pepper..
beat some eggs

heat olive oil!



This is my 2nd week that I’m linking up with Lindsey at the Pleatedpoppy for “What I Wore Wednesday”.  It’s so much fun to see what other women are wearing and getting inspiration for myself, to dress better(it’s fun being a girl:-)..I’m usually a shirt and sweatpants and flip flops kind of girl thank God for my husband whose been encouraging me to “dress appropriately” ( sometimes I still wear flip flops even if it’s snowing outside!hehe.)  The weather here in Washington (last week) was really nice so I was able to wear my flipflops, I’m a big fan of sandals/flipflops! I cannot wait for summer:)

Saturday afternoon, it rained so I had to wear my boots!

sweater- Abercrombie, Jeans- Abercrombie, Shoes- target, bag -gift from my mom and sisters
sweater- old navy, jeans- abercrombie, shoes-tory burch, bag- burberry
the footsie didn't give justice to the sandal!LOL..i need a pedi..
black cardi- target, tee- juicy couture, jeans- abercrombie,slippers/sandals- tory burch
tee,yoga pants,flip flops= abercrombie, best accessory =Riley the puppy

yellow polo shirt and jeans = abercrombie, flipflops= tory, bad=guess (gift from Sis IL)


Today I’m linking up with Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers for what she calls “gratituesday”.  You should link up with her if you are grateful for something today (and everyday).

This week I’m grateful that:

I’m grateful that the Lord has given me and my Hubby an opportunity to help someone this week and be a blessing.

I’m grateful that I have a loving husband.  He is so kind and he just has all kinds of patience for me!  There were times this week when I just wanted to not do anything, times when you want to cry but you don’t know why you want to cry (with all the “end of the world news, tornado, missing family and friends, hormones = too much for me).  You know that you need to do something but you just “avoid” doing it.  Yeah, I’ve been having those days lately.  But thank God for my husband because he’s quick to remind me that God is in control!

I’m grateful that for a couple of days the weather here in Washington was sunny and that I’m able to wear my flipflops for 3 days in a row(last week!!)..Now it’s just typical grey, but I’m Ok with that:)

Thankful for coupons! hehe, since I started watching TLCs extreme couponing, I started doing it myself but not the “extreme way ” like what you see in the show.  I was so happy that I got this Hershey’s candy for just 1$ when the original price was 3 $..2 $ saved thanks to coupons:) “wooohoo!! LOL! makes me laugh.. I’m starting to “collect” chocolates and candies because before the year ends, I’ll be visiting PI and I have lots of little cousins who will be so happy to get these little goodies that I’ve started to buy for them.

I’m grateful for moments like these:

bad angle for my arm!hehe, it's not that big in real life:) nose to nose with Riley!
Riley thinks he's a little person!
just beautiful!

Red Velvet Ice cream!

My Sis in law Julia invited us over at her place today!  We had pizza and a yummy dessert, krispy kreme donuts and Ben n Jerry’s Ice cream flavored Red Velvet Cake..So good:) I’ve never had it before and I really liked it (I think I like anything that is red velvet flavored) I’m so going to get it tomorrow..Julia also made a very yummy coffee latte!  Thanks Julia:) We also brought Riley with us because they miss each other and they are BFFs!hehe…fun time with SIL..

cheese and bbq hawaiian pizza!
Riley and his Auntie!
I have my own barista in the house!
pic didn't give justice to the drink:(
tired papush and puppy!

Jesus Christ Superstar!

Last Friday night we watched the musical show Jesus Christ Superstar with my In laws. The musical was just OK for me, I don’t think I will watch it again.  Although I enjoyed some of the songs especially Mary Magdalene’s part (the singer reminds me of Filipina singer “Charice”, petite but she can really sing! Some of the scenes of the play was awkward, like there’s a part where Mary and Jesus kissed and clearly projecting that they are romantically involved! WTH…  My husband said don’t take it seriously, but still don’t the people behind the show READ THE BIBLE? hehe. Guess I expected a lot from this production. Before the show we had dinner at La Costa (mexican resto) and I ordered the same dish again (for the nth time) Carne Asada.  The steak was so good (loved the charcoal flavor of it).  Here’s some of the pics Hubby took!

Carne Asada
Zach's ( i don't remember the name of this dish)
Carne Asada, Dad in Law ordered it too..
chicken mole, mom in laws food!
Anniversary gift from parents in law!!
Team Purple!

Leche Flan

We’ve had this dessert when we invited our friends to celebrate “cinco de mayo”.  Leche flan is similar to custard/brulee.  This is one of my fave desserts but I rarely make it because I really have a hard time making the caramel part of the dish.  It’s really frustrating because I end up wasting lots of sugar!  I got the recipe from .


10 pieces raw eggs

1 small can condensed milk

1 cup fresh milk (or evaporated milk)

1 cup granulated sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

Cooking procedure:

1. Using all the eggs, separate the yolk from the egg white (only egg yolks will be used).

2. Place the egg yolks in a big bowl then beat them using a fork or an egg beater

3. Add the condensed milk and mix thoroughly

4. Pour-in the fresh milk and mix well

5. Put the mold (llanera) on top of the stove and heat using low fire

6. Put-in the granulated sugar on the mold and mix thoroughly until the solid sugar turns into liquid (caramel) having a light brown color

7. Spread the caramel (liquid sugar) evenly on the flat side of the mold

8. Wait for 5 minutes then pour the egg yolk and milk mixture on the mold

9. Cover the top of the mold using an Aluminum foil

10. Steam the mold with egg and milk mixture for 30 to 35 minutes.

11. After steaming, let the temperature cool down then refrigerate

12. Serve during dessert. Share and Enjoy!

hubby did this..
eggs, condensed milk,evap milk mixture
hubby helped me flip the flan! he's so helpful if I allow him!lol
finish product!
smiley flan!

Ina Garten dinner again!

I wanted to prepare a yummy dinner for my hardworking hubby, so I ended up making an Ina Garten recipe again.  Her recipes are proven already, so I know it’s gonna be great (that’s my opinion).  I don’t think I’ve prepared one of her recipes and ended up disappointed.  She’s one of my fave food network chefs:)  You can get all of the recipes on the food network if you’re ever up for making a delicious and fast meal!

going to make hasselback potato
for the cornmeal onion rings
for the roquefort chive sauce
my fave..
we got this from Hawaii and hubby used this to his steak
Zach's blackened steak due to the salt!
cremini mushrooms
roquefort chive sauce
hasselback potato
my steak!
mama's schnauzer..


My sis in law gave us a Saltys gift card last month for our anniversary.  The weather was so nice and perfect today that we wanted to eat somewhere in Seattle and decided this was the right time to use the gift!  Thanks Julia for the gift, we really had a great time. We love Seattle, especially if the sun is out.  It’s been a while since I’ve had my sandals on, feels so good!

view inside the resto
salad with the crabbies...
seafood chowder...
perfect weather..
wild copper river king salmon..
glazed salmon..
white chocolate mousse cake
my handsome guy!
he enjoyed the weather too..