Snow Day!

Hi Friends! We are having a snowy week here in the PNW (#snowmageddon2019) and I’m sort of loving it because it’s pretty outside. We’re still recovering from our colds so we are staying home and being cozy inside. I cannot count the number of coffees and hot chocolate I’ve had this week. HA! Hubs baked cookies and we’ve been watching tv shows (I’m rewatching When Calls the Heart on Netflix, the new season is coming soon this month).

My Dad In law visited us this weekend, and helped Hubs shovel our yard so Riley will have a little space if he needs to go potty. He brought us Coffee too, he’s the best! The yard is covered with snow again as I write this:)

If the forecast is correct, then we will have more snow in the coming days!

Thanks DIL for the coffee, it hits the spot this time of year!

Hubs and DIL!
Boo’s snow suit doesn’t fit her anymore!

Poor Riley!

One of our meals this week! This is one of our fave, clams in white wine!

Look at all that snow!

Hope you stay warm and safe out there friends!

Weekend Fun

Hi Friends! Happy Super bowl weekend! We didn’t really watch the game because Hubs isn’t really into sports, and I personally lost interest with the whole kneeling thing they did 2 years ago. We still wanted the Pats to win because my BIL is a big Pats fan and we are rooting for them for his sake! HA! We stayed home this weekend because Mia is having a cold so we’re taking it easy, lots of cuddle time and tv shows. She is getting better though! Thank God:)

My hubs took care of us this weekend, he prepared breakfast and prepared “party” food for us just because it’s the super bowl weekend (even though we didn’t watch the game!). I heard it was boring…yikes! Hubs made pretzels and cheese dip, poke, crab cakes! YUM! Thanks Hubs for all the yummy treats.

I made pork siningang (filipino soup dish).
This was Oct. 2017 with my BIL! They’re so cute with their Pats Jerseys!

We even got a little snow today! So cozy and nice to have a snow day this winter. So far it’s been a mild winter for us here, so it was a nice surprise this weekend.

Have good week friends! Congrats to the Patriots:)