Weekend Fun!

Hi friends! We had a fun and busy weekend because two of Mia’s friends from school had birthday parties and she attended both. She had such a great time with friends and it was so fun to see her with them. She loved picking their gifts and shopping for them. She was excited that both friends loved her gifts! So precious:)

We had a couple of nice days this week so we ended up having a playdate with friends.

Both kids had their haircuts too! Thank God Matthew cooperated and a little cartoons and sucker worked this time!HA. It’s such an ordeal when we get his haircut because he doesn’t like it when people touch his hair. No tears this time though, so we consider that a success!

After such a fun and busy week, we finally got to relax and watch some movies with Mia. We ended up watching Encanto because her friends from school were all talking about it, she felt a little out of place!HA. She ended up loving it.

Have a good Sunday night friends! I hope you’re recharged and ready for the new month!YAY. January is almost over:)

Weekend Fun!

Hi friends! How was your weekend? We had a nice couple of sunny days here so we’ve been out in the park a lot of times. With Hubby having a long weekend, we wanted to do a little road trip to the Ocean but then we had a tsunami warning around WA coast, so we didn’t push the idea. We visited Hub’s sister this past weekend because her puppy was celebrating her BDAY! The kids love the family’s fur babies!

I’m still decluttering here and there! Slowly but surely:) HA! I was happy because my DIL noticed and said “good job with the decluttering” HA. The easiest thing for me to declutter are the kids clothes and mine. I don’t include Hub’s clothes because he will be the one deciding what he wants to let go. I’m thinking of decluttering my cookbooks and books next.

Also doing great with my “No/Low spend year”. So far, I’m sticking to my lists of not buying any thing that I don’t need or want. Go ME!

Have a great night friends! Hubs and I are watching Kdrama on Netflix! We are almost done with “Our Beloved summer” and “Rain or Shine”. We’ve been enjoying both shows.

Zeeks Pizza we had this weekend!
Mia needs to practice with her biking again.
My big girl!

Have a great night friends! Stay safe:)

Grocery Shopping!

Hi Friends! How’s your weekend? We stayed at home most of the time because it’s still very cold outside:( It was sunny but still cold in my opinion! My In laws visited and did a little baking with Mia. Last time they spent time with the kids was last NYE. We did our grocery shopping for the week, and I think we are doing good sticking to our budget:) Planning does really help and we stick to our list 80% of the time!HA. It’s hard shopping with the kids because Mia puts things in our cart without me knowing and when I get to unload our groceries there are things that definitely were not on our list. Oh Well!

I like it when I see the specific savings that we got! I didn’t include all the things we got here but we got more things for our pantry like sugar, and baking goods. Hubs has been baking lately so our baking ingredients are depleted and need to be restocked.

Our produce this week!
I have been using meats in my freezer too,I’m low on my chicken so this was a good find!
Silk is my favorite brand for almond creamer, this was priced $1.50 so I got 3! They will expire around February:)

I love this photo of Matthew and Hubs! Before shopping photo:)

After shopping, we ordered Chicken wings but they messed up Hubs order!Ugh. He wasn’t happy at all.

Hubs experimenting chocolate chip cookie! the kids love it because they are the “cookie testers”.

I made Mississippi pot roast for tomorrow’s dinner! This is so quick and we really like this recipe. We normally just pair it with mashed potatoes or rice.

I’m feeling good with my budget this week friends! We got everything we need for our meals this week!

Meal Ideas this week:

Pot Roast


Chicken/Asparagus stir fry

Beef stew

I don’t plan for breakfasts and lunches because we usually eat the same thing!

Take care friends:)

Low spend year!

Hi friends! Happy Friday:) It’s been a rainy day here and the kids and I have had a cosy day of watching videos (the wizard of OZ), reading the Farmer Boy (Laura Ingalls Wilder),snacking on cheese and crackers too! I’ve been watching videos about the No/Low Buy spend on youtube, and I’ve decided to join the fun because I’m really tired of the cluttered/too much stuff in the house (usually after a major holiday). I’ve been decluttering since last year but I still have a long way to go and I’m not giving up. This is really the main reason I want to do this! Less stuff=less stress!

Hubs and I are debt free (except for our house mortgage) and we would like to keep it that way! As I do this I know it will benefit my family financially too. We have financial goals this year so with discipline and work, it’s possible to achieve them all!

I enjoy reading and I plan to read the books I have before buying more. Some of the books I want to finish in the coming months!

I did a little inventory this week of what we have. This is the lists that I made and I’m sure I missed something but this is a little guide for me to have. It’s been a while since I bought shoes/candles/essential oils and I really have no plans to buy more. I’m including them in the list just to remind myself of what I don’t need to have. I will never sacrifice my family’s health just to save a couple of dollars in the end! Health is wealth friends:) It’s important for us to have quality supplements(ingredients matter!) most of what we see in the grocery stores are not the best quality,thus they are cheap. My kids don’t have lots of summer clothes so I know we will be shopping for them when the time come. Hubs too will be buying new clothes for this year!

I still have lots of little samples (my MIL gave me years ago), this is plenty to have!
I cleaned and organize my essential oils because my boy was getting into them!

So far this week , we’ve cooked at home and used what we have in the freezer and pantry. We did stop at Mcdonalds yesterday because Mia always gets a treat after school on Thursdays and she wanted McDs.

breakfast:potato and eggs
soup that hubs like!
Chicken adobo requested by Mia
grilled mackerel!

That’s it for now friends. I hope you can join me in this little fun challenge of low spend and more savings!

Going to prepare dinner for the fam and enjoy a Friday night here! Stay safe:)

Life at home!

Hi Friends! Mia hasn’t had school yet due to still have some “black ice” around the area and the local school district having bus driver shortages. Mia’s school is following the local district schedule! So we’ve been doing arts/drawings/paintings and reading the Laura Ingalls book series,watching Berenstain bears shows on youtube!

One of the many goals I have this year is to do more home cooking. Spend more time in the kitchen with Mia and Hubs (mostly weekends)!HA! I have to ask Hubs for meal suggestions though or else I will end up cooking Filipino dishes:)

Hubs has been baking lots of bread and babka this past week! Cooked fresh pasta and made gummy worms with Mia (she got this last Christmas). He said he’s baked out!HA

Crispy Orange Beef I cooked this weekend!

So aside from HomeCooking, I really want to SIMPLIFY my life. Routines, meals,house cleaning,budgeting,family life. The whole thing:) I’m sure I will share some here as I go along my journey of simplifying my life:)

Take Care Friends!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Friends! I pray 2022 will be a healthy and abundant year for all of us! We celebrated at home and watched the ball drop (New York Times Square celebration) on TV. We’re all in bed around 10:30! My In laws celebrated with us. Hubs prepared a beef tenderloin and we also had mashed potatoes ,salad, crab cakes and shrimps. YUM!

I cooked Lumpia (filipino spring roll) for our lunch yesterday. We like spring rolls but it’s such a pain to wrap one roll at a time.

After lunch, we did a little sledding again in our neighborhood! Not sure how long we will have all of this snow. Mia had fun!

We splurged this NY Eve celebration and Hubs got tenderloin at Costco!

I made Ina Garten’s Blue Cheese sauce
Fondue Cheese!SO GOOD
New Years Eve Dinner!
Gotta have some Rice!HA
Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful First day of the year friends! I have lots of things I want to do this coming year. I’m not really into resolutions as I never keep them!HA.

God bless and stay safe!