Uncertain times!

Hello Friends! How are you all doing?! We are living in chaotic times right now with the pandemic and riots, protest,etc! It’s so overwhelming looking at the news and what’s happening in our state too. As for us here at home, we continue to pray for healing, peace and justice for our country and the world. Come quickly Lord!

A couple of weeks ago, we had our family here at home because Zach wanted to try his sous-vide machine (it was a Christmas gift 2 years ago) and he finally wanted to use it. We had steak and we really liked the result.

If it’s not raining we do try to get outside and check out our garden’s progress. Sad to say some of our peas didn’t make it. Our zucchini is looking great right now! Can’t wait to see what we’ll end up harvesting soon.

Stay safe friends!