Mia turned 5!

Today is a special day for our family because it’s Mia’s 5th birthday! She had lot’s of fun at her preschool and her teachers made a big deal of her day. The school discourages cakes/cupcakes so we didn’t bring any cake. We got her classmates goodie bags and we put a puzzle and cookies in them:) After we picked her up from school we had a late lunch at one of our favorite pizza places and let her pick a birthday toy from Target. We spent a lot of time at Target and she picked up a Turtle that poops!HA! She thinks anything “poop” related is very funny:)

We had Starbucks after for a special drink that she totally enjoyed! We love you Mia James:) Thank You Jesus for our Mia Boo:)

Thanks to our family and friends who greeted her, she loved all the attention!HA

She had her bday crown when we picked her up!
Her classmates made her paper balloons!

Lunch at our fave pizza place! It was empty because lunch rush hour was over.

Happy Birthday Mia! We love you

We will have a birthday cake this weekend for her because my In laws will be celebrating with us.

Have a great day friends and stay safe!

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