Beach Park Day!

Hello Friends! Happy weekend:) We spent our day at the beach park today. This is new to us so the kids were excited to visit. The water was still cold so we didn’t spend time in the water. We did check out the dock area and the playground! It was a nice, small beach park. We plan to come back again this coming summer months!

Mia wanted Chic fil a after, Hubs didn’t want to because we visited Chic fil a 2 days ago, but I didn’t mind!HA. She said “I just love chic fil a so much!” Daddy gave in:)

This morning I cut two more double delight roses!

We had a little picnic this week at our local park! Feels like summer time:)

We had a playdate with our little friend from Mia’s old preschool! Kids had a blast and I had a nice time with my mommy friend.

This week a little bunny has been visiting our yard! The kids gets so excited every time.

Mia had her last week of Co-op school. We had burgers from five guys to celebrate the day:)

Have a wonderful Saturday evening friends. It’s memorial day weekend here in the US. It’s a holiday to remember the men and women and their families who made the ultimate sacrifice for our Country’s freedom. We are grateful for their sacrifices!

Take care friends:)

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! Hope you are having a restful weekend:) We spent ours mostly at home. It’s been a sunny weekend so the kids got to use their kiddie pool! Hubs and I joined the fun too. I finally got to cut and enjoy my double delight roses (it’s such a joy!HA). We took the kids to the park and got some boba tea and treats after. My In-laws visited us this weekend too and got to hangout with the kids.

Pretty double delight roses that I put in the patio table to enjoy while the kids are in the kiddie pool.

I borrowed this Marie Kondo book from the library and I enjoyed reading it. It inspired me to continue decluttering and have things at home that bring me joy! I’m still doing my “less spend year and haven’t bought any new clothes, shoes, candles, etc”. My goal is to be intentional with what I bring inside my home/life. I continue to declutter (it’s a process for me and I’m taking my time so it’s not too overwhelming for me). SO far, so good!

It was a nice day at the park, not too hot and the wind breeze was great!

DIL watching the kids and bought us Jack in the box treats! Thanks Papa:)

After church we stopped by at Costco to get some groceries. Inflation is real folks! We got produce and convenient food that we will enjoy these summer months (chips, frozen meals).

Another picture of my roses just because it’s so pretty, smells so good too!

Have a nice Sunday evening friends. Hubs and I are watching Kdrama on Netflix (The Queenmaker), we are enjoying it so far.

Take care!

Getting ready for summer!

Hi friends! Happy Thursday:) Hubs and I had cleaned our patio this past weekend so we can enjoy our yard more this coming summer! It feels like summer here in the PNW lately and I’m here for it:) We pressure washed, weeded (there’s more to do though) and got flowers from Home depot to add color to the patio. Hubs put the kiddie pool out for the kids and they’ve been using it everyday!

This past weekend we celebrated Mother’s day and Birthday celebrations for my In laws! We had Korean and Thai food. My family (Hubs) prepared breakfast for me, I requested filipino corned beef breakfast (it hit the spot!) HA! Thanks to my sister who sent me my favorite filipino canned goods! We enjoyed family walks and tiramisu cake too! It was a wonderful Mother’s day weekend:)

Have a great Thursday night friends! Talk later:)

Weekend Fun!

Hello friends! The kids got invited to a birthday party this afternoon (Mia’s friends from gymnastics) and we had a blast! It was a wonderful party with lots of fun activities and yummy food:) The rest of our weekend was quiet, we stayed home aside from doing the grocery shopping to get ingredients for our cheese fondue (we had gruyere cheese that we wanted to use last night). My Dad in Law (Papa) also visited and played with the kids:)

Mia and I enjoyed doing beads this weekend too. We listened to an audiobook (Little House on the Prairie). Thank You Jesus for a nice weekend with my family and friends!

Have a restful Sunday night friends! Take care!

Spring has sprung!

We’ve been having a great spring here and we are taking advantage of it and getting outside! I started to clean our yard/weeded my vegetable box and planted 1 tomato plant!HA. The kids and I visited the nursery already last week because Mia wanted to have her own little plant box. She’s been diligent in watering her plants too. Washington State’s national flower is the Rhododendron and they are all over my community. I can’t help but take pictures because of the pretty colors!

We visited our local lake this past weekend. The water is still very cold though. Come summer time this place is packed!

Have a great Wednesday night friends! Hubs and I are relaxing and watching a Korean show. It will be an early night for the kids because they didn’t nap and they had fun running around playing at the park earlier with my Dad In law!

Take Care!