Spring has sprung!

We’ve been having a great spring here and we are taking advantage of it and getting outside! I started to clean our yard/weeded my vegetable box and planted 1 tomato plant!HA. The kids and I visited the nursery already last week because Mia wanted to have her own little plant box. She’s been diligent in watering her plants too. Washington State’s national flower is the Rhododendron and they are all over my community. I can’t help but take pictures because of the pretty colors!

We visited our local lake this past weekend. The water is still very cold though. Come summer time this place is packed!

Have a great Wednesday night friends! Hubs and I are relaxing and watching a Korean show. It will be an early night for the kids because they didn’t nap and they had fun running around playing at the park earlier with my Dad In law!

Take Care!

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