Thanksgiving 2017

Hi Friends! Happy Thanksgiving! We had a simple celebration at home with my In laws. It’s so neat to see Mia eat her first Thanksgiving meal (stuffing, turkey, etc.) she totally devoured her food! I also prepared roast pork belly and it turned out perfect! My hubs baked a mascarpone cheesecake (Giada De Laurentiis recipe) and it turned out perfect! He said he’ll probably make it again.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! Blessings to you and your family!

Pork Belly


Happy Birthday!

Hello friends! Yesterday was my birthday and we had a simple celebration. We had dinner at a local restaurant near our home, Hubs had sushi while I got my fave steak Pho!  We are planning to have a little get away celebration  in the coming weeks, so we are looking forward to that. Thank You to all my family and friends who took time to greet me, your birthday wishes are appreciated. Thank You Jesus for another year:)

Birthday cupcakes we shared with the In laws (the eve of my Bday)
getting into trouble after dessert!