Hello Friends! How are you all doing? Things are “slowly” getting back to normal here in our area. I see traffic happening and I see a lot of families out for picnics and at the lake/beaches (maybe because of the weather!). How’s your summer going? It’s been hot here so we’ve been taking advantage of that and trying to go out most weekends. We’ve been to the lake near us because you can still social distance and not worry about wearing mask.

So our garden is a big failure this year! I don’t know why but normally by this time I’m dehydrating our tomatoes because of abundance but this year it’s 0 tomatoes, it’s pathetic. Aside from our roses and hydrangeas everything in our vegetable box is pathetic looking!

Fave Beach/lake food! Eating Poke reminds me of Hawaii with my Sis and BIL!
We had BBQ for my SIL bday dinner!
Pizza crust with Prosciutto,blue cheese, apricot preserve!
Rose from the yard
Fave summer salad! Steak salad

Have a great day friends! Stay safe always:)