Happy First Day of Fall!

Hello Friends! Happy First Day of Fall! It’s finally fall here in Washington State, raining the whole day and some of the leaves are changing color. I’m looking forward to it actually because I like the coziness of the season. I’m a homebody, fall season is the perfect time to be home! I plan to make lots of soups this season. I made a list of the hallmark movies I’m going to watch, and goodies I want my husband to bake! HA..my hubs is the baker in the family 🙂 He usually will make the recipes I find! Thanks, Ga:)

We’ve been a little busy these past weeks.  Riley had a surgery because a mole on his leg was getting bigger. We decided to just remove it.  His vet ended up removing 4 moles. He’s recovering really well! Thank You Lord. I hate it when he’s not comfortable.

We attended a family friend’s birthday party. It’s always fun to be with friends! Hubs and I watched my favorite Christian Artists, Lauren Daigle and Zach Williams! Love them! Their music really speaks to me:)

I started car shopping because I want to upgrade my car.  We plan to buy probably next year (we will be  paying cash,we sort of follow Dave Ramsey’s baby steps! #debtfreeliving).

I started MOPS at my church this week. Looking forward to being with other mommies in our community:)

Happy Birthday David!
Homemade Ramen!
Dehydrating my tomatoes!

Car shopping!
Hubs cooking our Sunday brunch! Mia wanted him to wear his Mickey hat! He can’t say NO to her!
Thanks Ga!

sushi date with hubs!
Fave fall candle and coffee!
Lemon ricotta cake that Hubs baked!YUM!
Mums to welcome fall! Excuse the dirt, it was too cold for me to be cleaning outside!HA
Dinner earlier, she had fun eating ketchup!HA

I hope you will have a wonderful Fall season friends! Blessings to you and your family always:)

Bye Summer!

Hello Friends! Summer is over (sort of) they say after Labor day weekend (unofficially). I’ve been seeing lots of fall decorations all over the place and I already enjoyed a pumpkin spice latte. I’m not a big fan of it…but the hubs loves a white chocolate mocha with a pump of pumpkin spice added!  It has been such a joy watching our little Mia-boo grow up.  She has taken a liking to water, like most kids.  It has been hard to keep her out of her little kiddie pool.  Perhaps she’ll even be ready for some swimming lessons next year!  I was just commenting to the hubs how early it’s getting dark again….so sad!  I hope you all had an amazing summer….here comes the fall…..kids are already back to school (at least where the teachers aren’t striking ;)…before you know it we’ll be welcoming the trick-o-treaters 😉

My fave summer salad: greens,candies pecans,blue cheese,strawberry

Hubs smoking some ribs!

Working on pulled pork

Pulled pork tacos!
Cherry tomatoes!
Harvest time!

Celebrating our community!