14th Anniversary!

Hubs and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary earlier this month. We wanted to have dinner at our favorite restaurant but Matthew wasn’t feeling well so we postponed it and just had dinner at home. We still wanted to have a nice yummy meal so Hubs went to Costco to get some King Crab legs and steaks. Delicious!

Real Life Mess!HA

Time flies so fast for sure! I can’t believe it’s been 14 years already, we’ve been together for 17 years and married for 14 years! We pray that God continue to bless and protect our marriage:)

so True!

Today we got to have a playdate with Mia’s friend from school (her BFF Isabella). She was so excited to see her friend and play with her toys!LOL. Matthew went along too but the girls doesn’t want him around!HA. I’m exhausted chasing him around their house and at the park.

My little treat today! HA Starbucks red velvet loaf. My first time to have this as I normally get their lemon loaf. This one is good! I don’t eat the frosting so it isn’t too sweet (just how I like it).

We plan to relax at home for the rest of the afternoon and go to the park again later for another playdate with our neighbor!

Best Buds! Riley is so good to the kids especially Matthew!

I’m excited for the weekend! We have no plans but relaxing at home:)

Take care and be safe friends!

Easter 2022!

Hi friends! How’s your week going? It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been busy this month with Mia’s spring break (she’s back to school now), we did a little weekend getaway to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. We hosted Easter this year so this month has been a little hectic.

We kept this Easter year simple and less chaotic! I decided not to give any baskets for the kids because I know my In laws will give them Easter goodies. They really don’t need anything and we want to teach them the real meaning of Easter and what Jesus did on the cross for our sake. We joined one Easter egg hunt at Mia’s school though. Kids had fun and got lots of candies!

We had Ham, Potato Augratin, Asparagus, deviled eggs, Carrot cake (baked from scratch by Hubs) for our Easter dinner! YUM:)

Removing the candies and giving back the plastic eggs for future use!
Being Silly after Easter service
Thanks to Nana, Papa and Auntie Juju for all the Easter gifts!
Delicious Carrot Cake by Hubs!