March Madness!

Hi Friends! How are you all doing? Our March wasn’t really that crazy, quite the opposite! Not a lot of things going on. Just doing the usual everyday life here. Playdates, attended family birthdays, home cooking, church. Hubs and I cooked one of our favorite Japanese appetizers Takoyaki. We really liked our version. We’ve done it 3 weekends this month!HA! We love takoyaki! One of hubby’s goals this year is to do more cooking and baking, get out of his “comfort zone”!

I thrifted this Lenox teacup,and I’ve been using it this month. So pretty!What a score:)

One weekend my DIL went to Seattle and got some of our favorite sandwiches from Salumi (owned by the Batali family). He got so much that it was like a sandwich party! HA

Spring cleaning is just around the corner, and I got some stuff from Vitacost to help me start the ordeal!

I borrowed this book from my MIL! and I’ve been enjoying this so far!

Our homemade takoyaki!

Playdate in our neighborhood!

Grandma’s gift to her Minnie obsessed granddaughter!

Boo got sick one weekend!

More homecooking!

Birthday parties are fun! She always has a blast!

Our St. Patrick’s Spread!YUM

Signs of spring in our neighborhood!

Have a great day friends!

February Catch Up!

Hi friends! How are you all doing? I haven’t been here for a while because we are having issues with our internet (thus it affects my blog site). Hopefully it’s fixed now and no more issues (our internet company had to send their guys twice). Not a lot of things going on here aside from it still being so cold outside and we mostly spend our time at home. Cooking, baking (Hubs mostly), playdates in our local community, decluttering.

I’m so looking forward to spring already because we are going out of town (in the coming weeks) so I’m excited for that. I will share more when that happens.

Hubs got me a Fried chicken bouquet and Boo got a balloon (she is balloon obsessed)

Our Vday dinner: crab fried rice, duck curry,sweet and sour fish!YUM

Home made Pizza!

Playdate Fun!

Reading time with Daddy!

A little bangs haircut with Grandma!

Weekend Naps are the best!

We went to the Filipino market and got Jollibee!

Have a great weekend friends!