Mother’s Day – So Thankful!

Hi Friends! How’s it going? It’s been a busy day here because the kids had dental appointments this morning (it’s exhausting!HA), I did some grocery shopping, organized the freezer/pantry, house chores! It’s been a nice day though, so that’s a bonus. Our spring so far has not been garden friendly weather. I so want to start planting some vegetables and herbs but Hubs doesn’t think that’s a good idea yet. I’ve been “collecting ” some herbs like chives and parsley so far and used them in my cooking this week.

We had a couple of nice, sunny days this week, and the kids love going to the park, biking/scooting around our area. We’ve been going there everyday this week.

I checked our grocery store’s weekly ad and they had a decent sale on their meat/chicken. With the price increases/inflation/supply chain issues I wanted to take advantage of these sales and thank God I was able to. Last week, I wanted to get some pork ribs because they were on sale but everything was empty/sold out. My kids love a Filipino dish called “Pork nilaga” or Pork ribs soup, so I’m always looking for a decent pork ribs sale. I got some chips too!HA.. Summer will be here before we know it! We like to go to the lake and junky salty chips are nice to have! I’m proud of my savings!LOL

We like Humba!HA

This week is an exciting week for me because my Mother’s day gift from Hubs and family arrived and I’ve been having fun using them. Hubs gifted me with the new iPad, it’s nice to have quality gadgets! Mia got to use it too, she has a subscription for the ABC mouse app.

My sisters asked me what I wanted for Mother’s day and I’ve been eyeing this new Staub everyday pan. I’m on a personal “no spend” challenge(no way I would buy this using my own money)HA ,so when they asked what can they give me, this is what I wanted. I really like the size and color of this but to be honest this is one heavy pan!

My In laws gave me money for Mother’s day and this is what I bought!LOL. I just love Staub quality and this size is perfect for soups/braising smaller quantity/servings.

I made Chicken Hamonado (Filipino chicken stew) for the first time and Hubs liked it! The kids weren’t big fans, they wanted adobo over this.

I made korean beef lettuce wraps this week too for lunch. Perfect with kimchi.

I baked banana bread yesterday and everybody liked it! Surprisingly it turned out great. I’m not a baker so I had low expectations about this bread!HA

Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend friends! Stay safe and take care:)

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! Happy Saturday. I thought it was going to be a rainy day for us but I was pleasantly surprised that most of the time we’ve had the sun shining (since yesterday). We had a playdate with Mia’s friends and had a nice walk around the neighborhood! Lot’s of pretty trees and flowers surrounding us:) I’m so grateful to live in a well maintained community (in terms of trees/plants). Our HOA are expensive in my opinion.HA! I did some decluttering in the kids playroom and I’m continuing to donate and get rid of toys that they hardly use/play with. I plan to make an area for our homeschool this year. We are going to homeschool the kids this coming school year. We are excited!

He got so tired after playing with Big sis and her friends!

I made this Filipino dish called “Crispy Pata” yesterday (Crispy pork hocks). I used the air fryer, so no splattering around the kitchen. We are satisfied with the result. I had to boil/tenderize the meat for 1 hour in the stove though before air frying.

I’m so glad this room is decluttered. Hubs watched the kids this morning so I can really focus and get this room clean. The kids love spending time here so this gets messy quickly.

We had lunch with my In laws too earlier. It’s been a while since we had been out with them. We normally get together at our house. Thank God the kids “behaved”!HA

I ordered the Wagyu beef burger! Nothing special about this meal!

For dinner tonight, Hubs made Ahi Poke! We enjoyed this and it hit the spot! We rarely have this because the tuna is quite expensive.UGH! $38 per pound. Lord have mercy with all these prices:)

We got half a pound and it was plenty enough for Hubs and I!

Have a great evening friends! Stay safe and Take Care:)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello Friends! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms/mommy figures in the world. I hope you had a wonderful day and that your family and friends celebrated you today! My Hubs and kids spoiled me this weekend. Hubs prepared breakfast and we enjoyed cheesy waffles, eggs and cupcakes! YUM:) Matthew was dedicated at Church today too. He was such a good boy while our Pastor was praying with all the other kids and their families. We then had late lunch together with my In laws (and Auntie/Uncle). It’s my MILs birthday too so we had double celebrations. We ordered food from our local Thai restaurant and we all enjoyed lunch. Food was so good:)

Carrot Cake
Carbs on Carbs!HA
Waffle from scratch by Hubs
The Prettiest cupcakes!
Thanks Hubs!

Waiting for Matthew’s dedication. We got there early so the church was still empty. We talked to our Pastor and other families. It’s a mother’s day tradition at our church to have baby dedications. We couldn’t do it last year because of Covid.

Yummy food and me!HA
MILs Bday cake! So moist and chocolatey!YUM
It was a fun and busy day!

Have a great night friends! Going to relax and enjoy my Sunday night:) Take care and stay safe!

Mommy and Me Tea Party!

Hello Friends! Today, Mia and I had a little tea party at her Preschool in celebration of Mother’s day this Sunday. It was so special with them performing for all of us moms. The teachers set a beautiful table with the kids crafts of flowers and they had chocolates all over. They served tea, strawberry short cake, cookies! Mia said “I love tea party, it’s like somebody’s having a birthday party” HA! We don’t have big plans for this coming Mother’s Day, we are going to have a family dinner because there’s also a birthday celebration in the family. Matthew will be dedicated at our Church in the morning. It will be a busy day! Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms:) We have one of the most important jobs in the world.

HAhaHA! Mia’s drawing of Me! Purple because it’s one of your fave color and I put a heart because I love you:)

Have a great Mother’s Day Weekend Friends! Stay safe

Sunny Weekend!

Hi Friends! We had a nice sunny weekend this week, so we did a little walking around our neighborhood and park time with the kids! Had dinner at Chic Fil A and enjoyed some Kdrama at night (Hubs and I finished Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) Lame ending in my opinion!HA. I’m feeling productive too because I did declutter a part of our master closet. I have to visit the donation center this week to get these bags out of my sight. I was able to read two of my books too! Currently reading a Charlotte Mason book and Last Lecture. We had a relaxing and productive weekend, so that was good!

Hubs made Crepes this weekend for breakfast!
Walking time with my buddies!
Scooter was fun and tiring!
Park time with Daddy
He was napping and I’m trying to wake him up using fries!HA
Cooked chicken adobo this weekend for kids dinner! One of their fave:)

Have a great and restful Sunday evening friends! Take Care and God bless:)