Hi friends! We are enjoying our summer (finally) here and celebrated Independence day yesterday with family. We’ve been spending most days in our backyard and our local parks. We got the kids a kiddie pool and they’ve been using it daily! Between that, and watering the garden, I don’t even want to know how much our water bill will be! HA! Brace for impact! LOL.

It’s been nice to have less structured days with the kids but come fall it will be a different story. I’m starting to plan for our homeschooling this year and getting materials, reading books about homeschooling, decluttering and still simplifying things in our home. We have family visiting us these coming weeks so we are looking forward to some family time. We are so excited!

Our Father’s Day dinner
Ice cream and face timing family!
My double delight rose

Mia had fun during her soccer camp last week. This week she will start with her golf lessons. She’s excited:) One busy girl!

loving my Roses!
Fun times at the Farmers market
I love buying flowers at the Farmers market.
Parade time with Papa!
Hubs made corndog for our 4th of July celebration. He did a great job! Success and we loved it!

Have a wonderful day friends! Enjoy summer and take care:) God Bless!