Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! Happy Sunday:) These are some of the pics we took this weekend! We had a nice sunset last Friday night (really pretty) we are having a nice winter season. Lots of sunshine despite it still being quite cold lately. It’s also been really foggy recently! We went to the Playtorium in Factoria because Mia really loves the place….so much for her to do! Slides, to trampolines, running and climbing. After that, we stopped at Target to get her some Disney PJs. I’ve introduced her to some Disney shows/movies but so far she’s not super interested! She loves Mickey and Minnie though:)

My In law’s went to Seattle this weekend, they stopped at Salumi restaurant so we got to enjoy their sandwiches (they’re one of the best in Seattle). We had that for Saturday dinner.

Mia is really into cars right now, she loves it when we let her get into the grocery cart where they had that car cart or something (not sure what they call it). She is all smiles when Daddy lets her play with the steering wheel! She’s growing up so fast! She was all excited when Daddy baked her some cookies but wasn’t really into them when it came time to eat them! HA..

Sunset view from our house a couple of nights ago
We had Sweet Potatoes Nachos again for dinner tonight!

Have a great night friends!

Honolulu Zoo!

Hi Friends! How’s your week going? We had our normal Wednesday schedule! Mia had playdate in our neighborhood, My MIL picked her up for a lunch / play date. We had dinner with them after.

I wanted to post about our visit to Honolulu Zoo (last Oct. 2018).  We wanted to have a little break from the beach, and visit the Zoo for Mia (she likes animals). The Zoo is small compared to the San Diego Zoo, but decent enough.  We were kinda disappointed that they didn’t have the Hippos when we were there (hubs fave animals). We loved that it was not crowded when we visited, but it sure was hot though! UGH! My favorite animals were the Giraffes and the tigers because we got to see them pretty close up.

After spending time at the Zoo my Bro In law and sis picked us up to have lunch together. We ate at Highway Inn, it was good if you’re into local Hawaiian favorites!

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! How’s you’re weekend? We attended Mia’s cousin’s birthday party. She had so much fun! She specially loved eating the birthday cake!HA.

With her cousin Mina (sister of the b-day boy), they’re so adorable together!


Party girl was so tired after!

I’ve been watching the Netflix documentary “Paleo Way” and they made some sweet potato nachos. Hubs and I both love nachos and I wanted to give it a try. Last Friday night I made Chef Pete Evans paleo nachos but hubs was a little naughty and wanted to add some non-paleo ingredients! It was delicious! Will make this again for sure:)

We went to Costco this afternoon (Sunday afternoon) and I swear everybody was at Costco! So busy,no parking,etc! Such a bad idea to go to Costco on a weekend. Anyways, I made Ribeye steak and Ina Garten’s blue cheese sauce. It’s my favorite combo ever!

I’m trying to cook more at home, save more money which is a big goal for us this year because Hubs and I have lots of plans for 2019! Have a good week friends!

Hello 2019!

Hi Friends! How was your new years eve? We stayed home (just how we like it) and invited our In laws to celebrate NYE. We had prime rib and other fixins. We just watched the TV coverage of the Times Square ball drop and toasted with our Proseco (apple cider for Boo!). Went to bed before midnight (thank God our neighbors didn’t do any crazy fireworks because Riley slept like a baby:). He’s very stressed every time there’s fireworks or loud banging.

New Year’s Day we watched the Rose bowl game between Ohio and Washington, our team lost! We had fondue and fried chicken. YUM! Hubs finally took down our Christmas tree and other decors. I kinda miss the lights but I’m glad we have a little space back in our tiny living room! We also did our first shopping at Costco for the year to stock up on basic things like toilet paper, ziplock bags,etc. I noticed that Costco has decent prices for these things every new year. Happy New Year friends! May 2019 be full of blessings and good health for all of us:)

Our first breakfast of the year! Pop Overs by hubs:)

Shopping at Costco – Boo had fun helping us and was a good girl!HA..Love her face in this pic, she gets so impatient with me! Hehehe

Lunch at Red Robin after Costco shopping!

Enjoying my coffee in this Emma Bridgewater mug that Hubs gifted me this Christmas.