It’s wednesday again, and I’m linking up with Lindsey at The PleatedPoppy for WIWW:-)

cardi and jeans = AnF,tory burch reva flats,burberrybag (Christmas gift)
shirt and cardi=mossimo(target), jeans= AnF,tory burch wedge,burberry bag(gift)
shirt=kamiseta (from Philippines),skirt= old navy, tory burch reva flats,bag=guess(gift from SIL)
yoga pants= AnF,shirt=hollister, NorthFacce jacket,nike shoes,Riley=best doggie ever!
Errands time at target! cardi and jeans=AnF, top=F21,target sandals,bag=guess


fred meyer trip!

For my Fred Meyer Trip this week, with sales and coupons I paid $12 for all of these but I got $6 worth of catalinas (cash rewards I can use for future shopping).  So basically I only paid $6.  The Pantene shampoos were like .33 cents each (after I used coupons).

Target Trip

I paid $22 for my Target trip yesterday.  If I was only paying attention to the cashier I would have only paid $19 for all of these because the Method all purpose spray was Buy 3, get 1 free hand soap but she still charged me for it (when it should be free).  I only noticed when we are out already and wasn’t up for going back to the cashier for the $3 hand soap ( I guess I’m not that much of an extreme couponer yet!).  I didn’t have coupons for the ice cream and bread with me too (I had them at home and wasn’t planning to buy them) but hubby wants them, so anything for my hard working hubby!LOL…

Got this from amazon this week! this book is so funny!!

Pick Another Checkout Lane, honey!(save BIG money and make the grocery aisle your catwalk) from the Krazycouponlady!

Pulled Pork Sandwich

This is a very simple recipe for a pulled pork sandwich that I got from my Dad in law!  I just added the blue cheese for a little flavor, it was a nice addition and even Zach agreed that the cheese gave it a little twist ( in a good way!).

1 pork butt or shoulder

Dry Rub:
1t cumin
1t garlic powder
1t onion powder
1t chili powder
1t salt
1t pepper
1t paprika
1/2 c brown sugar


Give the pork a good rub
Put it in the pot with beef broth or apple juice or water
Bake at 325 for 4 to 5 hours till it’s fall apart goodness
Shred and add lots of your fav bbq sauce

shredddddddding the meat!
i love blue cheese!

Thai Me!

Similan is our favorite Thai resto here in Issaquah.  We are happy that it’s just couple of minutes away from our place:-)  We dine here regularly, like at least once or twice a month.  I just love everything on their menu, especially their noodles and curry dishes.  I’m also posting some pictures of our Similan dinner last month, I forgot to post it last month!

thai iced tea (hubby's fave)
happy me with my fave food!LOL
spicy noodle!
crab puff appetizer
phad thai
scallop salad!

Summer Time

Summer is officially here!  How I love summer, especially in the PI.  The sun, flip flops, beach, grilled food with family and friends:-)..fun memories!!  So yesterday, was really nice (75 F) and the weather inspired me to make a yummy dinner for my hubby and eat out on the patio and enjoy our “rarely” used summer table.  I made a chicken dish (from Giada de Laurentii) and we enjoyed our fave dessert wine! Cheers to summer time:)

fave fave dessert wine
chicken recipe from Giada's kitchen book!
I buy organic meat and chicken if they're on sale!


I’m linking up with Lindsey again for WIWW! Here’s what I’ve worn for the last week:)

Black cardigan and leggings=Target, white shirt(gift from hubby)=macy's, sandals= tory burch
:), hubby didn't care so much of the style! LOL..
black cardigan=target, pink shirt=abercrombie, jeans=hollister=flipflop=tory burch
blurry pic! blue top=Forever21, khaki pants=old navy=tory burch flipflop
cardigan=abercrombie, top=hollister, jeans=abercrombie,flats=tory burch

Father’s Day Weekend!

We had  great father’s day weekend with my In laws:-)  We had steak and yummy side dishes!  We wanted to have a special dinner for my Dad In law and family before they’ll leave for their Hawaii vacation tomorrow!  Zach prepared the steaks (he made 2 sauces, Bernaise and blue cheese both Ina Garten recipe) while I took care of the side dishes while my mom in law did dessert:).  Happy Father’s day to all of the special father’s out there! Thinking of my dad and brother in PI too! I miss them, but we’ll be seeing them soon. I’m so excited:)

Hubby makes bernaise sauce from scratch:)
chaos in the kitchen!
roasted tomato with gorgonzola and herbs (Giada De laurentee recipe)
filet mignon and aged new york strip!
roasted asparagus with melon and prosciutto(giada again)
dinner outside!
cornmeal onion rings(Ina GArten)
closer look!
aged new york strip!
filet mignon(ina garten recipe)
my loves!

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

This post is sooooooo late, as I’ve mentioned before I had issues with wordpress but hubby “fixed” it already (thanks Ga!).  We invited some of our friends and my inlaws to have burgers and games at home.  Such a fun day with family and friends and of course yummy burgers!  Zach made “cuban” burgers and to my surprise they were delicious! hehe, makes me laugh!  Cuban burger during memorial day…I just wanted a plain american cheeseburger.  Hubby can be very adventurous but sometimes at the wrong time. Enjoy the pics:)

sweet corn
pasta salad my mom inlaw prepared
my in laws
the Lake family
LOL at our expressions!
sige pa gihapon ug chismis!
i like this blue orchid
after a long,fun day!!

Flat Iron Grill

This resto is only 10 minutes away from our place!  I think we’re lucky that a lot of good restos are just couple of minutes away from us, so whenever we are craving for yummy food we don’t have to go to Seattle or Bellevue just to eat delicious food:).  I got a 20$ off coupon from Flat Iron grill in the mail last week and suggested to hubby that we put it to use!  After dinner we went to Barnes and Noble, where I found the latest book of hubby’s favorite all time series, “The Wheel of Time, Towers of Midnight – Book 12 of 13”, then we watched the movie Bridesmaid! Love date nights with my hubby!

Picada Plate : mt. townsend creamery cheeses, pork rillete, proscuitto, bar nuts, olives, crostini & fig mustardo
chef's special dish that day! forgot the name of this dish..
flat iron steak! 🙂
so happy to see Robert Jordan's book!
lights camera action! So I asked him to pretend that he's super excited!bwahahaha
apparently he's not pretending!he can't wait to read the book..

serious pie and pike place market!

Tom Douglas’ pizza place “serious pie” is the BOMB!  This is my 2nd time to dine in their small and intimate place but it’s always a treat!  The pizzas are quite pricey but it’s so worth it:-) We ate so much that we decided to walk around pike place just to “burn” the calories!LOL..

so embarrassing, we finished everything!
grabe ka busog sa noakan oi!
organic larooo..
very pretty

biggest lobster tail ever!
seafoods at pike place!
pike market
famous pike place
we got some coconut pie to bring home!