Weekend Fun!

Hello Friends! How’s your summer going? We’ve had a busy weekend with family and friends! We got to enjoy our friend’s beautiful backyard, had s’mores and other yummy summer food! We don’t get to hang out often but it’s always a blast every time we get together. We also celebrated my Sis In law’s birthday and Mia had fun with every body. She particularly loved visiting Aunt Candy’s (our host) garden.  She loved picking her raspberries! So much fun to watch her do things for the first time.

Happy Birthday Auntie Juju!

Our local Park had a kids festival and we checked it out too. Lots of activities like a petting zoo, food trucks, live bands! We stayed at the beach and let Mia hang out in the water for a while! She seems to enjoy watching the ducks. We’ll have to go back sometime and swim and have barbecue.

Another hot summer day here friends, have a good day!


Hello friends! It’s officially summer here in the PNW. It’s been hot outside and as much as I enjoy this weather, I don’t want to stay outside for a long time. It’s so nice to have an AC, one of the best decisions my hubs and I made regarding our house. We have been doing a lot of house updates these last couple of weeks.  We had our house and fence painted and we really like the colors. The painters are done now (thank God!) Riley’s been barking nonstop at them. He’s so territorial. Very protective of us. Love our Riley!

My Hubs got a Traeger Smoker and he made beef brisket for our 4th of July celebration. He spent so much time on that thing, and I’m glad it turned out so well. I hate to see him disappointed when he puts so much effort and time into a slab of meat!HA..

Our 4th of July family pic!
My In laws celebrated with us!

Our little Boo is spending a lot of time in her kiddie pool! She loves to splash and chilax in there! Her Grandma watches her every Wednesday and they go to McDonalds because she really likes their play area!

making sure she got enough sunblock!HAHA

Playtime with Grandma!

Parktime !

Have a great summer friends!

Weekend Fun!

Hello Friends! We went to the farmers market this past weekend! I really wanted to get their raspberries.  The best ones I’ve had were in our farmers market last year, so I have to check again this year. We stopped at Costco after because they’re just in the same area. We got a whole prime brisket for the 4th of July tomorrow. Hubs will prepare it! Looking forward to tomorrow:)

We also celebrated Riley’s 8th birthday! We got him dog treats and gave him a scoop of ice cream! He loved it. We ended up having sushi for dinner. Happy Birthday Rat, you’re the best fur baby! Love you so much:)

Excuse the dirty refrigerator! I’ve already cleaned the mess!
We got this at the farmers market,and it is so good on our toast!
We love sushi! If it wasn’t so expensive we really would have it once a week! HA
Mia enjoyed Mcdonald’s play area!
Happy Birthday Riley!

It’s going to be a sunny day here and we plan to be outside and have Mia play in her kiddie pool! Have a great day friends!