Miami Trip

We had a nice little vacation in South Beach, Miami this weekend! It’s fun with their beautiful beaches and warm weather (not so pleasant on our last day though due to the terrible thunderstorm which delayed our flight!) ย We loved the beach, the water was really warm and clear (what’s not to love?!). ย The hotel that we stayed in was comfortable and nice and within walking distance from the beach and Ocean drive:) ย We will definitely be back in Miami for our future travels:)

tv area
red snapper (in sweet and sour sauce) crispy!
chef's special sushi
breakfast in the pool area everyday!
dinner at clevelander
Thank You Lord for your beautiful creation!
Sultan's waiting for our gyro
red snapper,sweet potatoe fries,ahi tacos
lincoln road mall
pina colada
tuna tartare
goat cheese pizza
aventura mall
bella luna @aventura mall
the best carbonara ever! i'm not yet over with their pancetta and fresh pasta!
lobster ravioli
ocean drive

Grilled tuna belly!

My Parent In laws just got back from the ocean this weekend, and we asked them to get us some tuna bellies. ย I grew up eating a lot of tuna belly (grilled), it’s part of our usual Sunday lunch with family. ย Now that I’m married to my hubby, it makes me laugh to see him eat tuna belly like a typical Filipino. ย He loves it big time! ย He savors it like the layers of meat are the most delicate type of fish meat ever! ย I always tease him that if it was not for me, he would be missing a lot in the world of tuna belly:). ย So this is very simple dish, I marinated the belly with a little soy sauce, olive oil, pepper and garlic. Grilled it 4 minutes each side.

tuna belly
grilling time
pad thai
so good

Adobong Kangkong with lechon kawali

Yesterday afternoon we dropped by at the asian market (Seafood City) at Tukwila, and I got some yummy Filipino products. ย I got some produce like bittermelon (ampalaya) and kangkong (water spinach). ย I only get to buy these veggies in an Asian market thus I rarely get to prepare and eat them. ย To add more yummyness to the kangkong, I also prepared lechon kawali( fried pork belly) and garlic chips. ย I planned to prepare asian food this week (poor hubby) to make use of my asian goodies!

pinakurat=famous vinegar dipping sauce in PI, eden cheese(my husband calls it the "fake cheese")
kangkong (water spinach)
the making of adobo sauce
fried garlic chips
adobong kangkong with lechon kawali

Recipe credits to “”

Adobong Kangkong


1 bunch water spinach (kangkong), leaves separated and stalks chopped in 1 inch length
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/8 cup vinegar
1 head garlic, crushed and chopped
1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons cooking oil
salt and pepper to taste

Cooking procedure:

1. Heat a cooking pot and pour-in the cooking oil.
2. When the oil is hot enough, put-in the garlic then brown.
3. Pour the soy sauce, vinegar, and water in the cooking pot and let boil.
4. Add the Kangkong stalks and cook for 1 to 2 minutes.
5. Sprinkle salt and ground black pepper then stir.
6. Add the Kangkong leaves and gently stir to mix with the other ingredients. Cook for 30 seconds at most.
7. Transfer to a serving plate and top with toasted garlic.
8. Serve. Share and enjoy!