Valentine’s 2016!

Hi Friends! Happy Hearts day to you and I hope it’s one lovely day with the special people in your life. On Valentines evening, we had dinner with my In laws at SEASTAR restaurant and raw bar (Bellevue location). Originally we wanted to do the Canlis restaurant but it was fully booked (I guess you have to book months in advance for this kind of place). Seastar was also a good recommendation from my In law’s friends so we didn’t mind (especially since it is also owned by Chef John Howie). I was looking forward to this dinner because based from what I’ve read it’s one of the BEST restaurants in Bellevue. It was our first time, so I kinda had high expectations when it comes to a Chef John Howie restaurant. Anyways, the place was spacious, ambiance was great, our server was very knowledgeable she answered every question my DIL had. We enjoyed our appetizers, they were all amazing especially the deviled eggs. Our entrees were good (nice presentation too) but to be honest VERY pricey for the portion we got. I guess you have to bring LOTS of money dining here. We’ll be back again for sure.

Some pictorials while waiting for the In Laws!
OOTD action going on: Loft dress, F21 coat, kate spade bag, target booties
Halibut ceviche
Deviled eggs:salmon gravlax,wasabi tobiko,tangerine,dill. We also got the ahi tartare,bacon, roasted onion,truffle oil.
Dungeness crab cakes
we loved the appetizers
Maytag blue cheese pear salad (this was good)
I ordered: Sesame-Peppercorn Crusted Ahi (jasmine rice cake,snow peas,ginger soy reduction,wasabi creme)
My DILs order: Cedar Plank roasted wild King Salmon (Chef Howie’s famous salmon rub,smoked broccoli,citrus rice with wheat berries
Zachs order: sashimi,ceviche,tartare
my MIL and SIL ordered the same thing: seared scallops with beet risotto
Vday dinner
Bates family
So blessed to have wonderful In  Laws

For Valentines day we had a casual and lazy time, watched Kdrama (thank you Netflix!), did some errands and had dinner at our fave local Italian place.


red bag for VDAY of course!
having a little taste of Hubs drinks.
olives and hazelnuts
saving 1 meatball for our fur baby!
Normally we don’t give Vday gifts to each other but this year Hubs and I gave each other gifts. He got me a Henri Bendel bag (my fave bag brand!) and I gave him massage “coupons”  worth 4 hours, which he already availed 1 hour of it (way before VDAY!!)..HA!!
Riley thought it was one busy VDAY weekend, and he needs his beauty sleep!

Evergreen State Fair!

Hello friends! Hope you’re all having a good weekend. Today, me and the hubs met up with my In laws at the Evergreen State Fair (45 minutes drive from our place) and had a great time. I really like going to the fair (my personal favorite is the Washington State Fair) because it’s big, there are so many activities, and I love all the crazy things I get to see. The hubs is not so much into it, but he did it for me (according to him). We got lucky that the weather was perfect today, at least while we were there! We initially wanted to go last week, but it was raining hard and had a bad storm. We watched the animals (cows, horses, goats) but we missed the dogs, pigs, and sheep. It was a fun time with my In laws, I think everybody’s favorite about the fair was definitely the food. We totally dig the blooming onion! Till the next fair…

IMG_1950 IMG_1952

Jeans and light Jacket and comfy shoes #ootd



I’m digging the 1956 calendar


Bulky TV











Blooming Onion


Fresh Lemonade




Busy making honey?




                                                                          Elephant ear anyone?



Eggplant in a container,so cool!


Weekend Fun!

Hello everyone! Can you believe it’s already August? Next thing we know Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here! Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend, the Hubs and I had a low key one because last weekend was busy at the Ocean with the family so we wanted to just have a “lazy” time this weekend. We watched the movie “Antman” (it’s been out for a while) and we really enjoyed it! It was such a fun movie:) We got some tacos after at the local taqueria (I ALWAYS get cabeza tacos). On Sunday, we watched our Church service online and dropped donations off at our local Value Village (it’s similar to Goodwill). We had sushi after because the Hubs just has to have his sushi fix every couple of weeks! I stopped at Walmart after because I’ve seen in my Instagram that they have their fall candle collections already.  Too bad they were all out, but I’m gonna check again next week.




Car selfie! It’s about time we gotta do a couple selfie!


A little #OOTD ha!


Sushi Time!

IMG_1685 IMG_1686 IMG_1687

We are OBSESSED with Jamba Juices Pina Colada drink!



Weekend Naps are the best!





Hi Friends! Last Sunday (my birthday) we decided to have brunch after church at Eques (it’s located inside the Hyatt Bellevue). We’ve passed the place many times, we always said that we should try it because the place was known for their breakfast buffet. After checking out their buffet selection, we were not impressed  (not that it was bad, just not a wide selection) we decided to just order ala carte and forget the buffet. I had the crab cake eggs benedict (I really enjoyed it) while Zach had the smoked salmon eggs benedict (he said it was great!)  We shared their banana split pancakes with hazelnut chocolate ,we really liked it too.Though it was pricey for a what we got, we would still come back. Great service and ambiance too (they had a TV in one area where the Seahawks game was on! Too bad they lost!).


cute condiments
cute condiments
omelet station
omelet station
Crab cakes benedict
Crab cakes benedict






I also would like to thank my Hubs and my family (including my In laws) for all their birthday gifts! To my friends who also took time to text,message,greeted me on my birthday! I appreciate you all! Thanks again to my family for their thoughtful gifts.

Pretty flowers from my hubs!
Pretty flowers from my hubs!
Raybans from my Sis and BIL! The camera is not giving the shades justice!LOL..this is one lovely shades! I cannot wait to use this one!
Raybans from my Sis and BIL! The camera is not giving the shades justice!LOL..this is one lovely shades! I cannot wait to use this one!
Gift cards from our favorite stores/restaurants!
Gift cards from our favorite stores/restaurants!
Bday gifts to myself! My obsession lately:CANDLES!!!!
Bday gifts to myself! My obsession lately:CANDLES!!!!
On my bday weekend,Bath and Body works had a sale $3 for their lotion  so I went a little crazy because I had a coupon that makes it $2 each! half of these will be for my sisters!
On my bday weekend,Bath and Body works had a sale $3 for their lotion so I went a little crazy because I had a coupon that makes it $2 each! half of these will be for my sisters! (original price:$262,I paid $42)
More BBW (this store is a trap! Their coupons are just so good!) I bought these Kate Moss lipsticks because Kris Aquino "recommends" this on her morning show. How she liked drugstore makeups too. SO of course I have to check it out myself. I listen to Kris  Aquino's makeup opinions you all *sarcasm!).
More BBW (this store is a trap! Their coupons are just so good!) I bought these Kate Moss lipsticks because Kris Aquino “recommends” this on her morning show. She mentioned how she’s impressed with drugstore makeup too (not just the high ends ). SO of course I have to check it out myself. I listen to Kris Aquino’s makeup opinions you all *sarcasm!).

Thanksgiving Weekend and Birthday Celebrations!

Today is my Husband’s birthday but we celebrated it yesterday evening together with his Parents and Sister. We prepared Paella and it turned out great.  I was kinda nervous because this was our first time making this dish.  I thought it was simple based on the blogs and recipes we’ve read but when it’s your first time to make something, I’ve found that it’s not always smooth sailing.  I’m just so glad that it turned out well and my In laws  enjoyed it.  Hubs and I also watched two movies this weekend, Life of Pi and Skyfall. I really enjoyed them both. Tonight we’ll be going to Melting Pot to have a birthday dinner for my Hubs:)

almost done
Paella,family style!
with Riley
sis In Law Julia
about to blow candles from the bday cake my MIL baked!


whatiwore:skyfall movie:blazer:HnM,F21sweater,hollister pants,target shoes
had Pho after watching skyfall movie
spring roll with yummiest peanut sauce
enjoying my food:)

Pike Place Market!

It’s been a cold weekend here in the Puget Sound, but that did not stop us from visiting Seattle and checking out Pike Place Market.  One of my favorite places in Seattle!  Originally we wanted to go to Chinatown but we had a hard time looking for parking, and so much road construction made it hard to walk around.  So off we went to Pike Place market:)  We had Piroshkies, Macaroons and coffee! Hope you had a great weekend too:)

OOTD/WIW:F21 sweater,IlyCouture necklace,Hollister jeans,LV bag,target boots
Seattle traffic
this guy is funny:)
taking picture of my hubs using the iPad!hehe..i look crazy:)
love the view
inside the market
pretty cabbage flower
purple asparagus
so unique
so fresh!
Bye Seattle
Friday night shopping! lots of halloween candies on clearance!
so many goodies and he can’t have any..poor Riley!


It’s WIWW time again, I’m linking up with Lindsey at We had lots of sun last week here in the Puget Sound so I was able to enjoy the sunny weather ,wearing my flip-flops and skirt. But now the weather is back to rainy and gray!

Top=nordstrom rack,skirt=burlington factory,tory burch wedge,michael kors shades
top= I don’t remember/old,hollister jeans,talbot wedge,zara bag
wedge/shades=tory burch, cardi and top=hollister,skirt= levis,LV bag
top=F21,cardi and jeans =hollister, tory burch wedge
top=JC Penney, jeans=hollister,Toms wedge
napping puppy!


Here’s my WIWW link for the week!

Top,Jeans=Hollister,Zara bag,target boots
sweater,jeans=abercrombie,target boots
excuse my awkward face in the pic,We’re in a hurry when I asked the Hubby to take a pic..this is what I wore when we attended our marriage conference last saturday! Top,Jeans=hollister, Zara bag,Brown Jacket=J.Crew,target boots
top,my fave red jeans=Hollister,target sandals,zara bag
Top=nordstrom rack,Jeans=hollister,tory burch sandals


It’s been a while since I participated in WIWW with Lindsey at  ( I took a lot of pictures while on vacation with my Hubby in Florida,so I wanted to join this time:)


F21 romper,Tory Burch flipflops,HnM hat,Oakley shades


Hollister Tshirt,levis skirt,Tory Burch flips,zara bag


F21 dress/cover up, Burberry shades(gift from sister)


Abercrombie dress,hollister cardi,Burberry shades,Tory Burch sandals,zara bag



Abercrombie dress,Hollister cardi,Tory Burch sandals


Zara top,Hollister blue jeans,Tory Burch sandals,Zara bag,Burberry shades




Bathing suit=TJ maxx, HnM Hat, Burberry shades


Abercrombie dress,hollister cardi,Tory Burch wedge,LV bag,express earrings


Abercrombie top,hollister jeans,Tory Burch flipflops,zara bag


Cardi,top,jeans=Hollister,target wedge,LV bag


Top,Cardi=Old navy,jeans=hollister,target Boots(my new fave) LV bag


Top,Jeans=Hollister,Target Boots,Michael Kors shades