Christmas 2016!

Hey friends! I was meaning to post our Christmas celebration activities but I have a little 3 month old cutie that’s been distracting me:) I wanted to share our activities during the Christmas season (lots of pictures!) lots of family time and great food!

We went to the Snoqualmie area (Hyak park if I remember correctly) and had a snow day! It was fun but we didn’t stay for a long time because I was worried that Mia might get too cold! We can’t wait to see her play and build a snowman!

Went to Seattle and checked the Teddy Bear suite at Fairmont Olympic Hotel, loved their Christmas decorations and the Teddy bear room was really cute!

My sister In law Julia hosted a Christmas family dinner at her place. Lots of family time and yummy Italian food!

We attended Christmas eve service and little Mia Boo behaved so well and was a pro!

After the service we had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant (I forgot the name) was quite interesting! We didn’t really like the food and the whole place was busy and it would be our last time to dine there.

Christmas morning, we always have cheese popovers that Zach makes, bacon and fruit. Just simple but hearty food. We read Bible verses about Jesus’s birth then open gifts. Lots of snacks in the afternoon and delicious seafood at night/dinner but usually we’re all too full to enjoy the seafood so we always end up eating most of it the next day! Mia got lots of gifts from Santa ( Grandparents, Aunties and uncles). So thank you to our families for sending Mia gifts, we appreciate all of your thoughtfulness. I got Ugg boots, an Instant Pot (that I’ve been using a lot lately), and some gift cards too.

we totally enjoyed the cheese fondue!

Mia and her first real Christmas tree!

Mia and her gifts!

We also visited Zach’s Grandma after Christmas, special time with Great Grandma Jean and Mia! And more family time…

Mia visited her great grandma Jean before the New year ended!
visited Santa after our Seattle trip! My mom and In laws were there with us because they wanted to see Mia and her first pic with santa!

lots of cuddle time with Grandpa Phil!
Grandma Kathy giving Mia a bath! First time ever, she loved it!
Mia wearing her Dads Christmas onesie! This onesie is 37 years old, so crazy!
Zach’s Chirstmas onesie 37 years ago..
Mia’s turn to wear the same onesie after 37 years! Grandma Kathy re-enacting the picture!hehe

Happy New Year!

Hello 2017! Happy New Year Friends! We celebrated our NYEve with my In laws (we didn’t wait till midnight though) and my Dad In law prepared a beef tenderloin and side dishes. It was delicious! Great dinner to end 2016:) We watched a movie and the New York’s Times Square celebration. We went home around 10:30pm and just waited for the Space Needle fireworks celebration on TV. I cannot imagine being outside because it was freezing cold (kudos to others who watched it live and braved the cold weather).

We went to church on New Years day too and it was Mia’s second church service to attend (first was the Christmas eve service). 2016 was such a great year for us because of our Mia’s arrival. She is such a joy to us and we thank God for gifting us Mia. Cheers to 2017 friends!

New years day 2017! I took this pic before going to Church!

4am New years day 2017! Hubs took this pic while I was feeding Mia Boo!
Space Needle!

watching the Space Needle NYEve celebration
With Grandma and Grandpa!

NYeve dessert!
Mia and Grandpa!


Mia hanging out with Grandma Kathy!