Respite from the Heat!

Hi Friends! Our weather finally is back to a normal summer temperature here. I’m glad the heat wave isn’t forecast to continue anytime soon. The kids did the kiddie pool again. That thing is so used, we certainly got our moneys worth out of it. We were supposed to have a playdate with our neighbors today at our park but Mia got sick last night and was throwing up. Poor girl 🙁 She’s doing better now (thank you Jesus! I did a lot of laundry today too.

Much cooler today!

We had a restful day at home after a rough night. Poor hubs was washing towels at 3 am.

I got to watch some youtube videos and read a book/enjoying iced coffee. I’m really intentional about doing something that I enjoy everyday. This little concession gives me much needed energy!

Kids napping and mommy having coffee!
I’m currently reading

I made Bulalo (beef shank soup) today. I know, I know with the hot weather soup is the last thing anyone would eat. HA! I had the veggies for a while now and I didn’t want them going bad, so soup was dinner tonight:) The kids devoured it. That made me happy.

Yesterday’s crazy temperature! We’ve been enjoying too much root beer.It’s just so good during this time. Anyways, have a great week friends and talk later!

Root beer floats!

Heat Wave!

Hi Friends! We are currently having a heat wave here so we are staying inside right now. Thank you God that we have AC in our house right now! Normally, we don’t get to experience this kind of heat here so it’s rare that people have AC houses here. Hubs is very heat sensitive so it was a must for us to install AC when we moved in to our house 12 years ago. The kids had fun in the kiddie pool and hubs moved our umbrella to shade them from the sun. They had so much fun splashing each other.

This kind of weather reminds me so much of my city during summer!

While supervising the kids I got the chance to take pics of my flowers too! My double delight roses are doing well despite the heat, so pretty.

Kids get to use their playroom lately due to the heat outside.

Pizza and Pasta for dinner tonight. I made this lasagna last night and had left overs to enjoy again later.

Stay safe out there friends. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to hydrate:)

Father’s Day

I hope you had a great Father’s Day weekend and that the fathers in your life are celebrated! We had a wonderful time with the family. Hubs did most of the cooking like the steaks and fresh pasta (penne)! Thanks Hubs for serving us. Dinner was delicious:) After we gave our cards and gifts Mia performed for all of us. What an extroverted girl!

Enjoying Dessert and talking about life!
Mia making cards for Papa and Daddy
Hubs making fresh Pasta! I’m so happy for him because it turned out great!
Hubs making Pineapple Mojito!
So refreshing:)
The kitchen was a disaster!OH well..
so good..
crab cakes
what a feast!
the best Papa!
Bailey and Mia
Thank You God for strong and godly Fathers!

Lake Day!

Hello Friends! Happy Saturday:) I feel like it’s officially summer here because our neighborhood had our annual Garage sale and kids had lemonade stands all over the place. Mia wanted to make one but we didn’t really participate in the yard sale, so no sense in making a lemonade stand and our next door neighbor had one. Maybe next year.

After Mia’s soccer practice, we rested a little then off to the lake we went! Originally we wanted to take a little hike but changed our minds because it was too late for a hike. So we just end up going to the lake because Mia has been wanting to be in the water. She loved every minute. Matthew surprisingly had a good time too. Lots of lake time for us this summer for sure:)

Sunset Beach, Lake Sammamish

We had a good breakfast before soccer practice and cuddle time with Daddy! It’s Fathers day weekend after all:) Happy Father’s Day to All the Dads out there!

French toast,eggs,bacon
Mommy,take a picture of us-Mia
Tickles from daddy are the best!
Go Mia GO!
Summer time!
The best daddy!
not a fan of the water!HA..I miss the white sand and blue waters!
Hello Handsome!
the cutest:)
Mia loved the playground here
Napping in the car!
Teriyaki beef and chicken for dinner!
Gyoza and Daddy’s fave drink Starbucks WCM!

I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend friends. My Father passed away years ago, but I still celebrate him and the other Dads in my life. My hubs, my brother,and FIL. I’m so thankful for them and appreciate them so much. Thank you Jesus for the Godly men in my life. God bless to all the Fathers, father figures out there. You are loved!


Rainy Weekend!

Good evening friends! It’s been a rainy weekend here, so just being cozy and staying warm inside the house. We did have a short time outside when it stopped raining. The park was all wet so the kids did a little biking/scooter.

Hubs was nice enough to bake bread for us! He baked Pandesal (Philippines version of rolls), it’s perfect for coffee with cheese or butter. We already ate them all! HA. I cooked braised beef this weekend too! I loved using my Le Creuset. It’s becoming a favorite lately.

We got the kids a tent, because they’ve been loving using the pack n play as their pretend tent, and pretending they’re having a weekend camping trip. They loved it and Mia is already saying that she wants to have furniture to put in the tent! They’ve been doing a lot of indoor activities, but we’re all ready to enjoy the summer:)

Braised Beef!

Sushi this weekend to give me a break from cooking!

Having fun inside their new tent!

My Roses are loving the rain! They’re blooming and smell so good:)

Treats this weekend for the whole family:)

Going to get ready for bed here! Put the kids in bed and hangout with the hubs:) Blessings friends!

Typical Day!

Hello Friends! Hope you’re having a good day:) We are having a simple day here at home. We enjoyed Daddy’s banana bread, the kids love it! Lots of biking and play time at the park with our neighbor. Matthew is really loving using the scooter. It’s really impressive how well he does on that thing.

Mia’s drawing of mommy and mia having tea time!HA
Banana bread monster!

Spent a good amount of time cleaning the yard and Matthew of course is getting in trouble here. I want my kids to love gardening and nature, and things like this are just inevitable! Oh Well!

Roses starting to bloom!Double delight:)
Pretending to be a doctor!

I’ve been sticking to my meal plan so far! I made takoyaki and sweet and sour fish. I’m surprised that both kids loved the dishes. That’s always a good thing:)

Have a goodnight friends! Going to put the kids to bed and spend some time with the hubs! Blessing:)

Weekend Fun!

Hi Friends! How’s your weekend going? It’s been a rainy Sunday here, so aside from grocery shopping at the Asian market we’ve been staying inside. I ordered some books online last month and they arrived this week. Started reading last Friday night, finished 1 book today. I’m really into books about Simplifying, Organizing, and Decluttering lately. These are just quick reads so I’m able to finish a book in 2 days.

Riley had a surgery last Friday so he’s recovering well. Thank God! His Vet removed a mole in his neck and they had to clean his teeth too. We love Riley so it’s important to us that we do what we can for him to have a healthy and happy life! He will be 11 years old this June 30. The surgery is costly so I’m in a saving mood!HA

Oh Riley!

I’ve decluttered so many books this year, so when had a sale last month I ordered some books.

I’m going to read this next! Mia will go to a private preschool this year so we have enough time to decide if she will go to public school or homeschool in a couple of years.

We’ve had nice sunny days this past week, so we have been enjoying our breakfast and reading time on the patio.

After soccer practice snacks in the car!

Fun outside
Disturbing Mommy

With Riley’s surgery bill, I’m in the saving and cooking at home mode this week!HA. Grilled steaks, roast chicken, mussels and clams in wine sauce this week!YUM. With summer around the corner, I’m inspired to cook simple and quick meals for the family:)

Hubs is done baking banana bread, so it’s time for me to help him and clean the kitchen. Have a good night friends!

Long weekend!

Hi friends! How was your Memorial weekend? Thank you to all who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice (and their families). We had a good long weekend. Lots of family time spent in the park, biking and playing! We’ve been enjoying summer like weather lately so that is a plus:)

Fun times with Papa!

Hubs cleaned the kiddie pool and the yard too! Thanks Hubs:) He set up the patio table, we used it for our family bbq! Papa’s burgers were a hit!

the sweetest corn we had in a while! Hubs got it from The Met market!
Guacamole that Hubs made:)
Hubs made some yummy rum punch too! Hubs did a lot of work for this dinner!
my plate! everything was YUM!
Hubs cleaned and set up the yard! Thanks Ga:)

Have a fun Wednesday friends! Off to the kiddie pool again:)