Disneyland Trip

Hi friends! How are you all doing? We just got back from our Disneyland Trip yesterday (Thursday-Monday morning)! We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary and we wanted a quick and short weekend get away (we thought California would be a good one). We decided on Disneyland because Mia is really into Mickey and Minnie Mouse (especially Minnie). It’s been a while since Hubs and I were at Disneyland (9 years ago). He doesn’t really care much for theme parks but for Mia and I, he said Yes!

We did 3 park days (2 Disneyland, 1 California Adventure). We stayed at the Hilton (3 blocks from Disney Parks), it was really convenient because they had shuttle buses in front of our hotel (so that was nice, especially if you have a toddler). We went back to our hotel room when it was her nap time. We had low expectations because we have no idea how Mia would react to the characters (no forcing her to take pics or hug the characters), we were pleasantly surprised that she loved meeting them (aside from tinkerbell) HA!

It was so special to see her so happy and excited when she got to hug Mickey and Minnie! She loved Minnie’s house located in Toontown (she would have stayed there the whole day if we let her). She had a meltdown when it was time to go. We had fun with the rides too, she loved the Dumbo and Carousel (she calls it horsey). Hubs did Splash Mountain while Mia and I waited for the Fantasmic show.

On our last day, they had a food and wine event at the California adventure park, Hubs and I got to enjoy some of the food. It was so hot though that to be honest we didn’t get to enjoy the park because the sun/heat was just too much for us, sucked our energy! Before we left we stopped by Ghirardelli for ice cream and drinks.

It was such a fun memory for us. Thank you Lord for the opportunity! Till next time Disney 🙂

Thank the Lord she slept the whole plane ride!
late lunch at the hotel room!
I ordered our twinning shirts at etsy.
waiting for the shuttle bus
It’s a small world!
being cute (lunch at Cafe Orleans)
Shrimps and grits (Cafe Orleans)
fireworks! pics didn’t do justice!
with Mickey!
with Minnie!
I really enjoyed the Frozen show!